Fleur de lotus dans le bouddhisme

What does the lotus flower represent for Buddhists?

Meaning and symbol of the lotus flower

There Lotus flower is a pretty plant that draws its vital resources from a dark pond. It symbolizes beauty and purity in the religions of Buddhism. The Egyptians observed that the flower closes and sinks into the water during the night. It is also a symbol of the Sun and creation. It appears over a period of three days and then reappears in the morning until the middle of the afternoon. The Egyptians also discovered two types of lotus: blue and white. It was not until the late period of Egyptian civilization that the pink lotus flower was introduced. It represents a sign linked to rebirth since it symbolizes death and resurrection.

There lily flower meaning focuses on fidelity, spiritual awakening and purity. By its way of life, this Lotus flower for Buddhism is considered pure. Indeed, she can come out of the dark waters in the morning while being entirely dirt-free. There religion buddhism retains the ancient Egyptian meaning where it represents rebirth and purity. The disunity of the surface face each morning also symbolizes desire, which leads to the combination associated with spiritual enlightenment.

The foundation of Buddhism and Egyptology is very divergent. The colors to know are not only blue and white. Several different colors are related to aspects of Buddhism. Besides the rebirth, the Lotus flower for Buddhism also symbolizes eloquence. A plant flourishes on the surface of the water, it symbolizes grace and beauty, spirituality and mysticism. Indeed, this lily flower was featured on Egyptian tombs.

In the cultures of the eastern regions, it has an essential symbolic value. Some religious commemorations only serve to reveal its great value. Each red, purple and blue color represents spiritual ascension and enlightenment.

There lotus flower tattoo and the drawing lotus flower represent eternity and harmony. A mystical and spiritual living plant for Buddhists, it symbolizes peace and self-awareness. There Lotus flower in Buddhism is expressed in several colors: white, pink, blue, red, green and purple. Each of these colors of the lotus flower has a well-defined meaning. There green lotus flower is a sign of balance. There white lotus flower or rose symbolizes devotion and chastity.

drawing lotus flower

To make a well-drawn drawing of a lily flower, knowledge of its dimensions is essential. It measures 3 meters in width and 125 cm in height. A ftheir lotus drawing or a lotus flower tattoo can be colored in red, pink, yellow, white, purple… lotus flowers, whether depicted as a tattoo or an actual plant, are water repellent. Indeed, despite the fact that they thrive in muddy and shady waters, their color remains intact.

Besides, the tattoo instills inner peace and balance. This is why the lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos. The assembly of the eight petals recalls the Eightfold Path, one of the Buddha’s teachings to his disciples.

Traditional legends say that the muddy and darker the pond, the more beautiful the flower that emerges from it. This flower is sacred to Buddhists as it symbolizes purity of body and mind. In addition, the flower, roots and seeds of this plant are used in Asian cuisine. Lotus tea is prepared on the basis of dried stamens. These parts also have medicinal properties. This preparation treats an infinity of physical and mental disorders such as migraine, diarrhea and anxiety.

Each lotus flower drawing color conveys a meaning

  • There white lotus flower symbolizes the enlightened being known as Bodhi. Considered the belly of the world, the flower of this color symbolizes spiritual perfection and purity of spirit. Indeed, white is synonymous with clarity and air.

The color white is considered a constituent element of the north direction, a sign of the supreme mind. Each of the flower’s eight petals represents the connection between the psychic and the Supreme Spirit. With this color, it symbolizes the desire to possess higher thoughts or to acquire a more advanced level of thinking. These states of mind will lead to an apprehension of divinity in humanity.

  • The pink colored lotus flower represents the supreme lotus. The pink color symbolizes the significant lotus of the Buddha.
  • There Lotus flower of blue color conveys knowledge, intelligence and a victory of the spirit over that of wisdom, intelligence and knowledge. In Buddhist art, the blue lotus flower is always displayed with the center not fully shown. Moreover, blue is a color that conveys spirituality and the sublime.

Drawings or tattoos of this blue colored flower symbolize power. It also presents itself as a sign of overcoming all limits. Indeed, this color instills spiritual openness and imagination.

  • There red lotus flower represents a connection with the heart. It symbolizes compassion and love. Red also conveys a feeling of happiness and good humor. This color directs thoughts towards well-established ideas while helping you to realize them.
  • There purple lotus flower is considered mystical. Relative to esoteric concepts, it can take the form of a bud or an open flower. The petals of this flower represent the precepts of the Buddha, in particular the Eightfold Path. For Buddhists, walking this path is to move towards self-enlightenment. The Buddhist religion believes this as one of the noble truths.

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