top 5 plus belles pyramides en Egypte

Top 5 of the most beautiful pyramids in Egypt

On Egyptian territory, there are several pyramids and they are not all royal tombs. There are those that have a cult role and those that are only satellites of a main pyramid. If you plan to fly to the Land of the Pharaohs for your next vacation, do not miss those that are categorized as the most beautiful.

Discover the pyramids of Egypt

The list of pyramids in egypt is very long and it is not always easy to decide which ones to visit. For your choice, you must take into account the duration of your stay. Most globetrotters go through Giza, Saqqara And Dashur. From a tourist point of view, these sites are almost similar, because we always have the same type of service, but it is the journey that differentiates them.

If you have left your suitcases in Cairo for this holiday in Egypt, it will not be complicated to get to GizaTo Saqqara or at Dashur. For those who do not have much time for this stay, but it is quite possible to integrate these three sites in the planning of a day. It will be a bit hectic and you won’t have much time to appreciate each pyramid. The visit will be limited to a short tour outside and possibly a brief itinerary inside.

For those who have several days for this vacation in Egypt, it would be better to take time for the discovery of the pyramids. Take full advantage of these majestic monuments in a more leisurely way. You will be able to see with your own eyes what is said in books, documentaries and on the internet.

For the visit of these pyramids of egypt, we advise you to start with the necropolis of Dahshur. Continue with that of Saqqara and Memphis before ending with that of Giza. We tend to start with giza pyramids, because they are the best known. Note, however, that if you go there in the morning, you will avoid the crowds. You should also know that it is in this order that the Egyptians built these necropolises. You will then go from the oldest to the most recent and you will be able to see for yourself the architectural evolution of these monuments.

The most beautiful pyramids in Egypt

When we talk about the three pyramids of egypt, we refer to those on the Giza plateau including the pyramid of Cheops, the pyramid of Chephren and the pyramid of Mykerinos. It’s obvious: they are at the top of the rankings, if we refer to their beauty.

The most beautiful pyramids in Egypt

There Cheops pyramid is found in the old list of the seven wonders of the world and the one that still stands. It is the tallest and bulkiest of all pyramids in egypt. Around the pyramid which acts as the center, we have the upper temple, the lower temple, the causeway, the annexed pyramids, the East or West cemeteries as well as the solar boat. Which gives the Cheops pyramid its place in this list of the most beautiful pyramids is its features. Unlike other pyramids, its three burial chambers are not aligned and the main chamber is inside.

If we are from afar, we can believe that the Chephren’s pyramid dominates the Giza plateau. Once there, we realize that it is smaller than the pyramid of Cheops. This impression is explained by the fact that it is built on a rocky hillock. The ground for its construction was not flat and under the massif, there is a small buried hill. The exterior coating of this building is made of granite and there is limestone from a certain height. It is said that this pyramid would have lent the features of the Sphinx, which is a separate monument to it 450 meters to the south-east of the complex.

On the Giza plateau, the third pyramid is that of Mykerinos. Compared to its predecessors, it is smaller, but when it comes to the base of the construction, there is not much difference. However, it has some specific features including the many decorations on the palace facade. These are rectangular ornaments drawing false doors nested one inside the other.

The most beautiful pyramids in Egypt

There Djoser’s pyramid also finds its place in this list of the most beautiful pyramids of egypt. Its beauty is explained by the fact that it shares some features with the Taj Mahal, including white marble, yet it is indeed a funerary complex. It should also be noted that the Djoser’s pyramid is the very first series in the history of Egyptian civilization and also one of the step pyramids that is still standing today.

It is at the Dahshur necropolis that we have our last beautiful pyramid: the red pyramid. Its name may already intrigue you. Indeed, “red” is the color of its current facing, which makes it beautiful. This pyramid is attributed to Pharaoh Snefrou of the IVth dynasty. It is the first building with smooth faces that the Egyptians managed to set up. If we refer to its architecture, we can say that it is a simplistic pyramid.

The construction of the pyramids in Egypt

Note that the pyramids do not only exist in Egypt. However, those found there are among the oldest. We can thus ask ourselves questions about the pyramid construction, since at the time we did not yet have the machines and the right techniques. However, the Egyptians were quite successful in setting up large pyramids like that of Cheops.

The construction of the pyramids in Egypt

The construction of these buildings remains unclear, because there are several theories. The one that is most plausible and most repeated is that of the mud brick and wood ramp system. We find on a pyramid at least one ramp and the latter can take different forms. For most cases, there are three ramps that are located on each side of the pyramid. This system still has some constraints, especially on the giant pyramids.

Studies are still underway to confirm how these pyramids were built. Recently, we hear about the Chephren’s pyramid that a few meters from the exterior faces, we would have deliberately left an internal gallery winding inside the limestone massif. It would have been subsequently, especially at the end of the work, blocked by blocks.

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