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How about a shopping corner dedicated to Muslim women, with legislated outfits for the outdoors, but also something to beautify at home?! If this tempts you, the Muslim store Hijab Woman meets all these criteria for the veiled woman!

Find it veil who will come and dress you in the most beautiful way…

Hijab Woman: wear modesty in one click!

From now on, find something to dress in a mastour way while remaining elegant has never been so simple. Indeed, online shopping makes the task much easier, but also very pleasant.

No need to travel or go to several shops before finding one. muslim clothing which we like. Not to mention that the shops that sell mastour clothes don’t run the streets!

Your store specializing in women’s hijabs allows you to find absolutely everything Muslim women need. Whether it’s to go out, to pray, but also small accessories to beautify your home, like the Bint Hooran perfumeFor example !

Furthermore, there is even a small corner library, which allows you to find some useful books for your belief. Like the magnificent calendar “365 Quranic reminders”which offers for each day of the year a reminder taken from the Book of Allah.

Our various hijabs for veiled women

You will have a wide choice regarding our hijebs: a single veil, 2 veils, to put on, to tie or to tie, several colors, materials… Finally, you will have understood: the choice may be tough!

The jilbab : Essential piece of the Muslim woman’s wardrobe, the jilbeb also has different cuts. In 2 pieces, consisting of a cape and a skirt, it is practical and suitable for all sizes. But also in 1 piece or Saudi model. It is then composed of a single cape allowing it to cover the entire body.

Khimar to tie : It is possible to choose it with one or two sails at the back, at back level. This magnificent piece can be worn with a women’s dress, type abaya dubaior butterfly.

Hijeb : Its colors are numerous, but also the different fabrics offered. At the moment, Medina silk is on the podium, accompanied very closely by the jazz and the Jersey. But the other subjects are not left out. It’s up to you to find the piece your wardrobe is missing!

Little girls are also spoiled in our Muslim boutique!

If you were looking for something to dress your little princesses, you’ve come to the right place! Jilbab child, hijeb or even child abaya, there is choice so that your daughters can look like you.

The Quran in relation to the female hijab

The obligation of veil in Islam is not a subject of disagreement. Although some would like to believe otherwise, the verse clearly mentions Allah’s order concerning the female hijab for the veiled woman.

So, Allah said: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the wives of the believers to draw back their great veils. They will be recognized more quickly and will avoid being offended. »

As well as : ” and thatthey only show their finery to their husbands, or to their fathers, or to their husbands’ fathers, or to their sons, or to their husbands’ sons. » (According to the close translation of the meaning)

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