What is the EU's first ecological emergency?  7 candidates give their opinion

What is the EU's first ecological emergency? 7 candidates give their opinion

“What is the first ecological emergency within the EU?” : 7 candidates for the European elections answer the question.

François-Xavier Bellamy, The Republicans

Decarbonize our energy, and finally get all of Europe off coal, which is by far the biggest threat. This involves the electrification of our energy mix, and a considerable increase in the production of carbon-free electricity; This is why I defended nuclear power step by step when it was still strongly opposed. Today we have put Europe back on the right course on this subject.

Marie Toussaint, Europe ecology-The Greens

There isn't just one unfortunately. The Earth is a system, every aspect of which is important. This is the idea of ​​planetary boundaries. Scientists have identified nine and shown that six are already exceeded, that is to say that we are already beyond what the Earth can handle. The major processes that condition and regulate life on Earth are at risk of spiraling out of control. So the ecological emergency is to act on the entire system. This is why, with the ecologists, we want to put the principle of the environmental ceiling and the social floor at the heart of the Union treaties.

Jordan Bardella, National Rally

Invest massively in French nuclear power, which is a powerful, clean, low-carbon, cheap energy source, ideal for producing and being competitive while protecting the environment.

Valérie Hayer, Renaissance

My compass is the just transition. In other words, we must maintain the course of decarbonization, which is vital in the literal sense, but without leaving anyone behind. To achieve this, we must invest in European green industry, which also involves training and retraining. Without forgetting, of course, support for households, because it is together that we will succeed. Our lifestyles are intended to evolve, with zero-emission mobility or thermal renovations. The just transition is not a mirage, it is possible if we give ourselves the means!

Marion Maréchal, Reconquest!

The ecological emergency is Europe's energy autonomy and the relocation of our industry: I remind you that half of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are due to imports. The best way to succeed in the energy transition and the reduction of our emissions is, on the one hand, to support a coherent policy to protect our industrial flagships and on the other hand, to relaunch a major European plan for the nuclear power sector. and rail.

Raphaël Glucksmann, PS-Public square

The exit from fossil fuels, the deployment of renewables and the relocation of our production. The energy transition must be the main project. We must increase energy savings tenfold, in particular through a massive wave of energy renovation of homes, which will reduce our consumption and our bills. And we must invest massively in the development of renewable energies and electricity networks in order to power the entire continent.

Manon Aubry, La France Insoumise

The immediate emergency within the European Union is the fall in biodiversity. 80% of insects and two thirds of birds have already disappeared because of the tons of pesticides we dump. And they are the ones who ensure the fertility of our fields, we must protect them and put an end to pesticides!

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