“Why I initiated proceedings in the administrative court against Stanislas”

“Why I initiated proceedings in the administrative court against Stanislas”

The French understand less and less why the State finances private establishments, some of which choose to welcome advantaged children, when the public can welcome everyone. This is a fundamental political problem. In the bill that I tabled in April 2023, I suggest a modulation of public aid. In the contract which binds private establishments to the State, social criteria should be introduced. In the event of non-compliance, subsidies must be reduced.

It should not be seen as a punitive measure, nor do I want to teach Catholic teaching a lesson. But is it really part of its Christian missions to address the most privileged social classes?

I have also initiated proceedings before the administrative court in order to withdraw public funding from the Parisian establishment Stanislas (An inspection report reveals serious breaches of the association contract to which private establishments under contract with the State are subject, Editor's note)

We do not have detailed knowledge of the public financial resources made available to private establishments, the sum would amount to ten billion euros. It is allocated to the General Secretariat of Catholic Education (SGEC), which redistributes it to the rectorates as it wishes. However, certain areas receive sums that are too high compared to the reality on the ground. This is what some rectors have pointed out. At the more local level, communities negotiate packages directly with Catholic education. The rectorates must reclaim negotiation. It is necessary to enforce the Debré law which establishes a contractual relationship linking the rectorate and the educational establishment to see the real needs.

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