3 questions to the rector of the Sanctuary of Saint John Paul II in Krakow

3 questions to the rector of the Sanctuary of Saint John Paul II in Krakow

How do you explain the criticism of John Paul II in Poland?

Modernity hits the figure of John Paul II, it is inevitable. He was a child of his century, of the fight against communism. There is a certain anachronism in the criticisms leveled at him. Some are even unfair: his catecheses on the theology of the body have completely renewed the Church's discourse on intimate life. He had a very modern approach to things.

Clericalism in Poland is strongly questioned. What do you think?

The personality of the priest is very important, crucial. It must make you want to, be joyful. This is also a teaching of John Paul II, who had friends, went kayaking, had a very personalized relationship with people. We draw closer to Christ by developing as a human, it is not contradictory. However, when one grows in faith, whether it is the pope or a country priest who says mass, it does not matter.

Does dechristianization affect the sanctuary of which you are rector?

The sanctuary does not suffer from the decline in the practice in Poland. It is a special place, a stone's throw from the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy and the tomb of Saint Faustina. It was built in place of the chemical factory in which John Paul II worked during the war. It was here that he decided what he wanted to do with his life. Mass is held every Sunday, the parish is active, we have many young couples with children. The liturgy is beautiful… It pleases. The place is not only dedicated to pastoral work, it is a place of reflection, with conferences and concerts. French, Americans, Filipinos… people come from all over the world.

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