Understanding religions with children through reading

Understanding religions with children through reading

3-7 year olds

Theology for the little ones

Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions: this book is an excellent “basic”, to open with a child to discover the ways of believing and living of the three monotheistic religions.

We enter this work in an immediate and concrete way, firstly through the form. The book, animated by “pop-up” windows, presents small flaps to lift, figures to operate, symbols to decipher. But we also enter it, of course, through its framework: it successively details, in three chapters, the places of prayer, the texts, the festivals, the celebrations, the incarnation of religion in everyday life. Concrete and easy to access.

The three great religions by GK Defebvre and C. Chion, Ed. Bayard jeunesse, coll. Filoteo Doc, 24 p. ; €13.90. From 5 years old.

And also …


This classic answers questions by giving ample space to illustrations. His short texts are suitable for young children.

S. Baussier and M. Luthringer, Ed. Nathan, 32 p. ; €6.95. From 3 years old.

The Book of the Gentile and the Three Wise Men

This pretty album tells a story from the Middle Ages: three wise men talk about their religion to a nice guy, who believes in nothing.

R. Llull, I. Moreta and A. Fanlo, Eds. Albin Michel, 32 p. ; €14.50. From 7 years old.

Children’s questions about religions

Stories interspersed with illustrated reflections. Original.

M. Aubinais and M. Laffon, Ed. Bayard Jeunesse, 128 p. ; €14.90. From 5 years old.

Ages 8-12

A book : Do you believe it or not?

This book, which is aimed at adults, answers complex questions about religions: “Why so much violence? », “Your boyfriend does not have the same religion as you”… The answers are clear and direct.

M. Gillot and Marygribouille, Ed. La Martinière Jeunesse, 80 p. ; €9.95. From 9 years old.

A DVD: In several installments

Religions explained to children. “Why don’t we all believe in the same God? » “What’s the point of believing?” » Relevant children’s questions pepper this very accessible documentary series devoted to the great religions. From the same thematic grid, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam are illuminated by the words of religion specialists and religious leaders.

C. Deroudille. Arte Éditions, 1h30. €20. From 8 years old.

And also …

Say why there are several religions?

A great wealth of answers and colorful illustrations. A success !

S. de Mullenheim and C. Hinder, Ed. Two Golden Roosters, 80 p. ; €14.50. From 8 years old.

With religion, without religion

This little book addresses the presence of religions in the world in a distanced manner.

B. Labbé and P.-F. Dupont-Beurier, Ed. Milan youth, coll. “Philosophy Snacks”, 56 p. ; €8.90. From 8 years old.

Religions around the world

This great book tours the world of all religions, in photos and illustrations.

L. Buller, Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, 80 p. ; €18. From 7 years old.

The Great Mosque of Paris

This album, with drawings that resemble watercolors, tells how Muslims saved Jews during the Second World War. Moving.

K. Gray-Ruelle, Ed. Salvator, 40 p. ; €15. From 8 years old.


Invitation to dialogue

This book, in pocket format, tells the story of the rise of religions in an almost linear manner. A historical bias which provides great clarity and does not prevent us from detailing the difference in practices. The author presents the characteristics of the main religions, without forgetting to recall the obstacles to overcome on a daily basis to live together.

The point is supported, but don’t forget to provide a few anecdotes (the similarity of first names, the vision of adolescence, etc.).

Historical reminders, maps, short focuses and photographs punctuate the book, which also talks about radical Islamism and secularism. A resolute invitation to dialogue and the importance of preserving it.

The great religions, by R. Giraud, Ed. Flammarion youth, 128 p. ; €8.90. From 12 years old.

And also …

There were several “faiths”

This very complete classic explains the four religions most represented in France: maps, names, rites… It’s all there!

M. Gilbert, Ed. Albin Michel, 208 p. ; €9.50. From 12 years old.

Guide to living better together

A guide for teens to decipher the complexity of religious issues in the world.

P. Banon and A.-L. Boutin, Ed. Actes Sud Junior, 104 p. ;€16. From 15 years old.

History of Islam

This collection has been modernized, with access to a website and a gallery of photographs.

P. Wilkinson, Ed. Gallimard Jeunesse, 72 p. ; €14.20. From 12 years old.

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