3 simple ideas for Christmas decorations to make yourself

3 simple ideas for Christmas decorations to make yourself

Why make Christmas decorations yourself?

The majority of Christmas decorations come from the city of Yiwu in eastern China. In addition to the carbon impact of their transport, their manufacturing uses suspect paints whose fumes risk polluting your interior.

Finally, these industrial objects have a cost, in a period when the wallet is very strained. According to Cofidis, the average budget of French people for Christmas amounted to 568 euros in 2022, or 35 euros more than in 2021. This amount varies depending on age and situation (400 euros among people without professional activity versus 804 euros among wealthy retirees).

Certainly, the share allocated to decorations comes in 4th position (after gifts, meals and clothing), but making them, alone or with family, saves money And provides real pleasure. So, get to work, little hands!

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