Crazy like a prophet

Letter to Santa

Some will say that I’m past my age, but I still want to try my luck. We never know…

So, Santa, for December 25, I would like to see the kingfisher on the banks of the Marne. I explain to you. As soon as I can, I escape 2 km from home, towards the regional nature reserve of the Chelles Islands (Seine-et-Marne). Five hectares preserved from human intervention, wedged between an industrial zone and residential areas. I cover this distance with my heart beating, as if on a journey to the end of the world. Because there, it happens that a turquoise blue arrow emerges, skims the water at high speed and lifts my soul. I don’t know of a more beautiful gift than this apparition.

Not only does it “make my day” as they say, but it completely remakes me. Flash brain regeneration. A shot of hope. No need to go to Costa Rica: even in autumn and winter, as long as it’s not too cold, Alcedo atthis* is here to say that the world can be colorful, surprising, alive. But I’m afraid for him. One major pollution or one urban project too many, a fatal drop in river flow with global warming: all this can happen and deprive humans of a vital wonder.

I would also like my children and their friends to look up from their screens and find the desire to be on the lookout for the kingfisher. But that is another story, another letter. This time, Santa, just give him to dazzle us. And to multiply next spring!

*Latin name for the European kingfisher

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