an association files a complaint for the counting of absent pupils

an association files a complaint for the counting of absent pupils

The Action Rights of Muslims (ADM) association filed a complaint against X on Friday June 16 for ” discrimination “ after the census in Toulouse, by the police, students absent for the Eid El-Fitr holiday, AFP learned on Monday June 19 from its lawyers.

“These actions have the effect of stigmatizing children of the Muslim faith”, argued Me Vincent Brengarth, one of the three lawyers of the association for the defense of the rights of Muslim people. The complaint is also filed for “violations of human rights resulting from computer files or processing”.

Muslim Rights Action hopes to shed light “on the information that was actually collected and on the end use that was to be made of it” but also establish possible “individual responsibilities”said the lawyer.

Eid El-Fitr, a celebration marking the end of Ramadan for Muslims, took place this year on April 21, the day before school holidays in the Toulouse academy. Police then asked by email to heads of schools in Toulouse to tell them the number of absent students, without the approval of the rectorate, arousing indignation within the educational community.

Assess the ” absenteeism “

The Ministry of the Interior had admitted to having requested a “assessment of the absenteeism rate observed during Eid Al-Fitr” but denied everything “file”. A source familiar with the matter said it was a ” clumsiness “which did not involve “personal data”.

For his part, Me Brengarth believes that” absolutely nothing “ does not prove that there was no use of personal data. “Justice has a key role to play so that there is a restoration of the red line” on the collection of data linked to religious affiliation, he assured.

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