conferences by preacher Vincent Souleymane banned in Paris and Lyon

conferences by preacher Vincent Souleymane banned in Paris and Lyon

The prefect of police of Paris and the prefecture of the Rhône have prohibited by decree conferences planned for Saturday June 17 in Paris and Sunday June 18 in Lyon in which the preacher Vincent Souleymane, a supporter of a rigorous Islam, was to participate.

In Paris, Vincent Souleymane was to speak, with others, at a conference entitled “The Great Meeting of Young Muslims” organized by the Etic Media site.

In his decree, the prefect of police of Paris, Laurent Nuñez, at the request of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, argues that among the speakers are “influential preachers and rigorous imams, who, as part of the Salafist movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, hold speeches spreading a fundamentalist and orthopraxic vision of Islam that is radically hostile to non-Muslims, Zionists, Westerners and distant Muslims Salafist dogma”.


The prefect also emphasizes that their speeches tend to “Legitimize Sharia”To “theorizing the inferiority of women” and to “denigrate certain key values ​​of the Republic, such as secularism and freedom of expression”.

He further believes that there is “a serious risk” that be held at this conference “remarks inciting hatred and discrimination against a group of people”.

What is Salafism?

Vincent Guyot, “says Vincent Souleymane, is a Salafo-Brotherhood preacher known for his hatred of Jews and movements for the defense of women’s rights or LGBT”, say for their part the prefect of the Rhône Fabienne Buccio and the mayor EELV of Lyon Grégory Doucet in a joint press release announcing the ban on the conference.

His comments “can be interpreted as an appeal to hatred of homosexuals, of Israel, of Jewish and Arab leaders”, they add.

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