Israel-Palestine: return to the headlines

Beyond Gaza

How far will the war between Israel and Gaza metastasize? Are we heading towards a wider conflict, with consequences all the way to the gates of Europe? Not a day goes by without a missile or drone exploding far from the enclave. The “axis of resistance” led by the Islamic Republic of Iran against Israel has many arms, diverse and over-armed.

However, Tehran is careful to avoid a war with the West. And the United States, whose military bases are dissuasive, is also putting pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu to slow him down. Can oil countries like Saudi Arabia or the Emirates be moderators? But what is the real interest of Russia, ally of Iran and Syria, still mired in Ukraine?

The evidence is that a multitude of Muslims rose up for Gaza, urging its leaders to fight against the hated Jewish state. One photo particularly impressed me: a gigantic crowd of Yemenis gathered in Sanaa. This war is not only military but identity-related for both camps.

The centers exported from the conflict are already numerous: this is the West Bank where settlers and Palestinians clash. This is South Lebanon where pro-Iranian Hezbollah units, such as the Radwan force, confront the IDF. Lebanon would be destabilized if the state-within-a-state Hezbollah, whose leaders are in Israel’s crosshairs, launched into open war. Over-armed as he is, will he remain cautious in the face of Israeli superiority?

Syria is the target of Israeli strikes, with its hordes of Iranian revolutionary guards, Lebanese militiamen, Afghans and others. Iraq is in the crossfire, its Kurdistan targeted by Iran. But the most recent is the firing by the Yemeni Houthis supported by Iran against ships in the Red Sea: a major strategic and commercial threat, which has led Washington and London to strike targets in Yemen. A perilous sequence.

“The axis of resistance” paradoxically has an enemy on the other side: it is the diabolical “Islamic State” which is taking advantage of the chaos to destabilize.

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