discover the new special issue of Le Pèlerin

discover the new special issue of Le Pèlerin

All the beauty in the world

The travel writer Sylvain Tesson confided to me, upon returning from a trip on the Atlantic coast, his passion for the face of the world, larger than that of humanity. “The landscapes are more solid and faithful, modest and architectural, less vain and agitated than the faces of men. Mine, in addition, is afflicted with a disgrace due to a fall. So, to console myself, I go to contemplate the beauty.”

This beauty of the world, we still have to be on the lookout to see it, to practice contemplating it to grasp its essence, its sudden brilliance, its wildness, its flashes. This special edition Fifty Wonders of Nature aims to train your eye to the extraordinary spectacle of France, in order to admire its geological, mineral, maritime and sylvan treasures. From the Bay of Somme to the forests of the Ardennes via the Pilat dune, the Verdon gorges or Lake Gaube, celebrate its mountains and valleys, cirques and waterfalls, peninsulas and coves, plateaus and forests.

Then close this special issue, prepare your backpack, put on your hiking shoes and set off to explore them. Nothing beats, after having dreamed them, finding yourself face to face with these wonders. Grown by the height of a summit, whipped by the coastal wind, lulled by the song of a river, brushed by the wing of a bird… breathe and fill up with beauty! We wish you great discoveries alongside us.

Catherine Lalanne, Editor-in-Chief at Le Pèlerin.

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