Earthquake in Morocco: which associations should you turn to to make a donation from France?

Earthquake in Morocco: which associations should you turn to to make a donation from France?

While Morocco did not take up France’s offer of aid, after the devastating earthquake that occurred this weekend, it is essential to reiterate that this controversy does not concern the associations. The latter have made several appeals for generosity in recent days, reminding us of the need to make a donation. This Tuesday, September 12, the Red Cross launched a fundraising appeal for around 100 million euros to support relief operations in Morocco, more than 72 hours after the violent earthquake which left nearly 2,900 dead.

Pilgrim offers you a list of associations on which you can rely to help Moroccans.

Catholic Relief-Caritas

In a press release, published Monday, September 11, the association explains its field work: “Two members of Caritas Maroc immediately took to the road to get closer to the epicenter of the earthquake and the mountain areas among the most affected.” This Tuesday, September 12, a first convoy left for Amzmiz “carrying a generator, tents, food, clothes, basic necessities kits, as well as medicines”.

How to give?

French Red Cross

In collaboration with the Red Crescent teams on site, the French Red Cross wishes to contribute “the supply of basic necessities”.

The Red Cross only requests financial donations and refuses in-kind donations. Considering the damage “considerable”she anticipates “support that will last over time”.

How to give?


According to Unicef, around 100,000 children were affected by the earthquake in Morocco, where they represent almost a third of the population. The Organization of United Nations “has already mobilized humanitarian personnel to support the immediate response on the ground”.

How to give?

Foundation of France

The Fondation de France has been “present for several years in this area” alongside local associations and stakeholders. As of Saturday September 9, it mobilized 250,000 euros and launched an appeal for donations to “strengthen its action and help the thousands of families affected by the earthquake”.

The Foundation “will intervene in the most impacted areas, particularly in isolated areas where aid is more difficult to arrive and populations are more left to their own devices,” she said. “It will subsequently carry out sustainable reconstruction actions” such as the “rehabilitation of collective buildings” or economic recovery.

How to give?

People Relief

In a press release, the association indicates that it wants to provide the victims on site with “the minimum to survive”. This involves “sheltering the disaster victims (tents, blankets, mattresses) and providing them with food aid, hygiene kits, drinking water and kitchen utensils (stoves, saucepans)”.

Secours populaire also provides “long-term assistance so that families can resume the course of their lives”.

How to give?

Food Bank of Morocco

Finally, going through the Moroccan Food Bank allows us to provide more direct aid to local populations. Teams on the ground take care of victims evacuated from their homes. In particular, it distributes mattresses, duvets and clothing.

How to give? The Food Bank left a message on social networks and broadcast its Iban (see below).

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