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Fish in Arabic I Find out how to say it easily

Summer is here, and so is the sun… The perfect opportunity to go to the beach! Tap dances, sand, fish… But in fact, how to say fish in Arabic ? You do not know ? So stay with us!

How to say fish in Arabic: let’s take stock!

So, how do you say “fish” in Arabic?

Contrary to what one might believe, it is not the word حوت “hout” which designates the fish. Indeed, this is rather the word used in Arabic dialects (Algerian, Moroccan, etc.) However, in classical Arabic, it designates the whale.

In literary Arabic, fish is سمكة “samaka” in the singular and سمك “samak” in the plural.

Or سَمَكٌ “samak” in the singular and أسماك “asmaak” in the plural.

However, the Arabic language being rich in words and meanings, we sometimes use “hout” to designate the simple fish. We will then understand what it is about depending on the context!

And There you go ! Now, the word “fish” no longer holds any secrets for you! Now it’s up to you to use it correctly in your sentences!

But maybe you need a little additional information? Stay with us!

Name the different types of fish (and marine animals) in Arabic

Salmon, sea bream, tuna or even squid… It’s not always easy to find your way among the names of fish and seafood! And especially when it comes to following a recipe! Not sure that replacing the sardine balls in your tagine with octopus or sea urchin will be to the taste of all your guests!

Have you ever scoured Google and online dictionaries to find the French equivalent of your favorite fish?

On Islam-Oumma, we thought of you: thanks to the little guide that we have put together for you, there is no more risk of making a mistake!

  • Anchovies: الأنشوجة (al-anchouuha)
  • Eel: الجريث (al-jarith)
  • Bass (Sea bass): سيباس (siibaas)
  • Squid: حبار (hibaar)
  • Shark: القرش (el qirch)
  • Shrimp: جمبري (joumbirii)
  • Sea bream: الدنيس (ad-dounis)
  • Royal sea bream: سمك الأبراميس (samak al abraamis)
  • Swordfish: سمك أبو سيف (samak abou sayf)
  • Mackerel: سمك الأسقمري البحري (samak al asqamariy al bahri)
  • Whiting: البياض (al-bayaaDh)
  • Grouper: الهامور (al-haamour)
  • Yellow mullet: البوري الأصفر (al-bouurii al-asfar)
  • Sea urchin: قنفذ البحر (qounfoudh al bahr)
  • Octopus: أخطبوط (oukhtoubout)
  • Scorpionfish: سمكة العقرب (samakatou l-3aqrab)
  • Rouget: سمك سلطان إبراهيم (samak soulTan ibraahim)
  • Sardine: سمك السردين (samak as-sardiin)
  • Salmon: سمك السالمون (samak as-salmoun)
  • Cuttlefish: الحبار
  • Sole: سمك موسى (samak Mouussa)
  • Tuna: تونة (touna)

And There you go ! A list of the main fish that you are likely to find in recipes gleaned from the web!

Beach vocabulary

Summer is still far from over!

Are you going on vacation to an Arabic-speaking country? Or are you preparing one in the more or less near future?

So you will need vocabulary relating to the beach!

Sea, sunscreen or parasol: how to say all these words in Arabic?

So, we have put together a little list for you… So that you are only disoriented by your new environment, but not by the language!

Here is our list, obviously not exhaustive:

  • water ماء ma’
  • sea ​​البحر al-bahr
  • ocean المحيط al-mouhit
  • sea ​​air هواء المحيط hawa’ al-mouhit
  • breeze النسيم an-nassim
  • coast الساحل as-saahil
  • tide المد al-mad
  • sand الرمال ar-rimaal
  • shell صدفة البحر sudfatou l-bahr
  • starfish نجم البحر najmou l-bahr
  • جزيرة jazira island
  • sunstroke ضربة شمس Darbat ach-chams
  • wave موجة mawja
  • seaside = beach = shore الشاطئ ach-chaaTi’
  • seabed قاع البحر qa3 al-bahr
  • sunrise شروق الشمس chourouq ach-chams
  • sunset غروب الشمس ghouroub ach-chams
  • sun cream كريم واقي من الشمس krim waaqi3 min ach-chams
  • sunglasses نظارة شمسية nazaarat chamsiya
  • swimsuit ملابس السباحة malabis alsibaha
  • parasol مظلة miZala
  • beach towel منشفة الشاطئ minchafat ach-chaaTi’
  • deckchair كرسي الاستلقاء koursiyou l-istilqa’
  • shovel معول mou3wal
  • cooler مبرد mabrad
  • vacationers المصطافون al-mousTaafoun
  • sunny مشمس mishmis
  • Swimming is prohibited! السباحة ممنوعة as-sibaaha mamnouu3a
  • swimming السباحة as-sibaaha
  • current التيار at-tayaar
  • low tide تدني جزرالبحر tadaniy jizra l-bahr
  • diving الغوص al-ghaws
  • sunburn حروق الشمس hourouq ach-chams
  • port ميناء miina’
  • first aid station محطة إسعافات أولية mahatat is3aafaatou awalia
  • rescuer حرس stud
  • A man at sea! رجل إلى أسفل rajoul ila asfal!
  • to be seasick
  • capsize تنقلب tanqalibou
  • flow يتدفق yatadafaqou
  • to go overboard تسرف tasrafou
  • tan يتشمس yatachamassou
  • row صف saf
  • drown غرق gharaqa

How to say fish in Arabic: Different expressions using the word fish”

In Arabic, as in French, many expressions use the word “fish”. Zoom in on some examples.

“The big fish eat the small ones”: do you know this adage?

This is a proverb indicating that great powers ruin small ones. And in Arabic, it’s the literal transliteration! See for yourself: السمك الكبير ياكل السمك الصغير

Or, in other words, “as-samak al-kabir ya’koulou as-samak aS-Saghir”!

Furthermore, the great scholar of Islam, Ibn Taymiya, said: “Reminder is to the heart what water is to the fish. How is the state of fish when it leaves the water?”

Or, in literary Arabic: الذكر للقلب مثل الماء للسمك فكيف يكون حال السمك إذا فارق الماء ؟

(adh-dhikrou lil qalb mithlou l-ma li s-samak. Fa kayfa yakounou haal as-samak idha faariqa al-ma?)

Our noble sheykh may have been inspired by an authentic hadith. Indeed, in a hadith reported by At-Tirmidhi (under number 2686) and authenticated by Sheykh Al Albani, we learn that: “Allâh, His angels, the inhabitants of the Heavens and the Earth – even the ant in its hole and to the fish in the sea – pray for him who teaches people good.” Arabic version: الحوت ليصلون على مُعلمي الناس الخير

Note however here that it is the word “hout” which is used!

How to say fish in Arabic: The Arabic language, a treasure to be acquired

Obviously, to pronounce these words correctly in Arabic, it is essential to know the Arabic alphabet. But also to master the correct pronunciation of its letters. However, here we share with you a phonetic transliteration. On the other hand, consider that this is only a simple pronunciation indication. In other words, it is difficult to speak Arabic correctly from phonetics. This is a great argument to start your language learning!

Furthermore, the Arabic language is a foundation of our beautiful religion. Indeed, how can we have access to the texts of the Koran and the sunnah without it? It’s impossible, even unthinkable!

As Sheykh Sâlih Ash-Sheykh said so well: “It is not appropriate for a student of science to make grammatical errors in his words; how can we trust him to understand the meaning of the Qur’an and the sunnah when he does not understand grammar or the Arabic language? »

So renew your intention and put your greatest motivation into acquiring the language of Islam and the Koran!

How to say fish in Arabic: Where to learnArab?

That’s it, the motivation is there? Have you prepared notebooks and pens? Congratulations !

All you have to do is find the perfect teacher! Whoops! … This is where the difficulties can begin. Indeed, you have to find a teacher who is both competent, patient and available… Not always easy!

However, many institutes offer online courses. However, not all are equal!

Islam-Oumma recommends in particular for quality online courses!

But also Arab Objectivewhich offers various formulas and helps you learn to read in 30 days!

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