Grégory Turpin: "Writing poetry is giving birth to the intimate with beauty, elegance and modesty"

Grégory Turpin: “Writing poetry is giving birth to the intimate with beauty, elegance and modesty”

You are releasing a new album, XII. What does this title refer to?

Gregory Turpin: XII refers to the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Apostles. In addition, each piece evokes a biblical passage. The choice was made in collaboration with the artists with whom I worked. The singer Icare seized the story of Joseph and his brothers to write The bite. Fratoun, founder of the Guetteurs group, for his part proposed water and blood in reference to the passion of Christ. The psalms and beatitudes also inspired this album.

What does this album reveal about you?

A stronger hope than before. My first record was still called Testament! Today I am completely out of my old cocaine addiction and depression. Passing the stage of quarantine, I acquired a certain maturity. At this age, we have less to prove, we do things more out of desire.

What is the place that inspires you the most?

The mountains of Ariège, where I grew up. I appreciate the solitude there, in the heart of the night. Often ideas come to me late, while the world is sleeping. They suddenly appear. Then I have to compel myself to write.

What does writing mean to you?

A fight. To write poetry is to give birth to intimacy with beauty, elegance and modesty. It is to reveal my prayer, the place of struggles, dryness and joys, and to manage to express it in truth.

An inspired place where you like to take refuge?

The Montpellier Carmel where I lived when, when I was younger, I wanted to become a religious.

You are offered an hour of silence, what do you do with it?

I settle in a chapel and pray.

You have three days, a backpack and no car. Where are you leaving ?

In Lisieux (Calvados). I experienced so many beautiful things there around Thérèse, in her great basilica! I feel safe there. I would then visit this city, which I have already experienced and liked very much.

A cute sin?

I am a lover of good wines. With a preference for those from Burgundy.

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