How to Dress for a Buddhist Funeral?

How to dress for a Buddhist funeral?

Buddhism is more than just a religion; it is a philosophy, a way of life. That said, how should you dress for an event as solemn as a Buddhist burial? To answer this question, we must first understand the culture and the Buddhist traditions.

The Fundamentals of Buddhist Clothing


One of the main precepts of Buddhism is simplicity. Buddhists believe in living a simple life, without clutter or excess. Likewise, when it comes to clothing, simplicity is key. But why is simplicity so important?


A funeral is an opportunity to show one’s respect not only for the deceased, but also for their family and loved ones. Dressing appropriately demonstrates your respect for Buddhist tradition and for the bereaved.


There modesty is essential in Buddhism. It is therefore crucial to choose clothing that is both discreet and respectful, without being flashy or provocative.

Recommended clothing for men

Suitable colors

For men, it is best to wear sober colors like black, gray or navy blue. These colors show seriousness and respect for the occasion.

Clothing style

A button-down shirt, well-cut pants, and clean shoes are generally acceptable. Remember that the simplicity is the key.

Recommended clothing for women

Suitable colors

Just as for men, women must prioritize sober colors. However, softer shades like beige or brown are also acceptable.

Clothing style

A low-key dress or skirt and blouse set is ideal. Shoulders should be covered, and it is best to avoid skirts that are too short.

What to avoid

It is best to avoid clothes that are too flashy, strong prints, or outfits that are too casual like jeans or t-shirts. High heels or open shoes are not recommended.

Accessories and jewelry: less is more

It is best to avoid wearing too much jewelry. A simple necklace or a pair of discreet earrings will suffice. Remember, the key is simplicity.

Conclusion How to Dress for a Buddhist Funeral?

Preparing for a Buddhist funeral requires thought and respect. Keeping in mind the principles of simplicityrespect, and modestyyou will be able to choose an appropriate outfit that will honor both the deceased and the Buddhist tradition.


  • Can you wear white shoes to a Buddhist funeral?
    It is preferable to choose sober colors for shoes, like black or brown.
  • Do children also have to follow these clothing guidelines?
    Yes, it is good to dress children appropriately to show respect for the occasion.
  • Can I wear a hat to a Buddhist funeral?
    If the hat is sober and respectful, this may be acceptable. However, it is always good to check local customs.
  • Are flowers appropriate for a Buddhist funeral?
    Yes, white flowers are often considered a sign of respect and sympathy.
  • Are there any colors that are absolutely forbidden for a Buddhist funeral?
    It’s generally best to avoid bright or flashy colors, such as red or yellow.

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