How to find the words to pray at the cemetery?

How to find the words to pray at the cemetery?

Collect the texts to pray

The idea is very simple: create a prayer booklet available in the cemeteries in your parish area. This will include, in addition to the prayer opposite, several other short texts: a few verses from the first letter of Saint John, the Our father, THE I salute you marie… You can download the one offered by the parishes of Saint-Paul-en-Baugeois and Notre-Dame-du-Loir (Maineet-Loire) on; do not hesitate to personalize it by adding the name of your parish and the contact details of a contact person.

Start a team

Get in touch with members of the funeral ministry in your parish sector, or make a call to parishioners interested in the initiative. Estimate the number of booklets needed based on the size of the municipality, and photocopy them. Please note: the cemetery being municipal property, make sure you have the agreement of the town halls concerned in advance.

Organize the distribution of booklets

Two options: the booklets can be made self-service, placed prominently at the entrance to the cemetery in a plastic bag (photo in the box); or an in-person distribution on November 1 and 2, or even the days before.

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