In Paris, 1,300 people ran the church race for the “Holy Games”

In Paris, 1,300 people ran the church race for the “Holy Games”

The first church race, linking Notre-Dame de Paris to the Madeleine church in 10 km, and organized by the “Holy Games” took place in a fraternal atmosphere. The Pèlerin team took part.

From the square of Notre-Dame de Paris via Saint-Sulpice, the chapel of the Miraculous Medal, the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre to the Church of the Madeleine, the strides followed one another this Sunday, April 28 morning . The association Holy Gamescreated by the Church of France, launched its sports program in Paris with fanfare for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games.

Around 1,300 participants

In a joyful and fraternal atmosphere, some 1,300 people participated in the event. Some of them started the journey at Notre-Dame-des-Victoires to reach La Madeleine by walk, the others ran 10 kilometers.

Among the participants, groups wore t-shirts flocked with the colors of the associations or organizations they represented. Alongside the editorial team of the Pilgrim in bright yellow, many blue t-shirts represented Aid to the Church in Need, red ones, L'oeuvre d'Orient and many others.

Initially, around 8:45 a.m., the colorful procession gathered at the foot of the statue of Charlemagne, a few meters from the cathedral. The host and journalist, Nelson Monfort warmly welcomed the athletes. A few minutes later, they rushed into the capital.

Everyone was able to discover the religious buildings that dotted the route throughout the different stages. At the 5th kilometer, the refreshment allowed everyone to regain strength halfway through. A priest blessed the runners whose cheeks were already red from the effort. After the challenge of the climb to Montmartre, the cheers of the organizers and walkers gave a final boost.

The Gospel is sport!

Holy Games slogan

On arrival, after a few minutes of rest and photo sessions on the steps of the Madeleine church, a mass was celebrated there. The start of the Holy Games is given!

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