Kristel Adams: “My mother, a light for those close to her”

Kristel Adams: “My mother, a light for those close to her”

Your new album is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Why this choice?

Vergine Madre are the first words of Saint Bernard in his prayer to the Virgin, in the Divine Comedy of Dante. It is one of the most beautiful poems there is. I chose this title in homage to the figure of Mary, universal mother of people around the world.

Do you prefer to sing in a church or in a performance hall?

I don’t have an a priori preference. But as an artist of faith, I feel more confident in a church. I feel on the same wavelength as my audience.

Which artist do you dream of singing a duet with?

I had the chance to accompany big names in music like Manu Dibango or George Benson. Today, I would like to sing with Florent Pagny. We have already met once, on the set of The Voice.

The work that touched you recently?

Write it Or the Memoirs of the Master of the World, by the young novelist Philomène Frébault. She self-published this work in which love is stronger than hatred. This author deserves to be known.

A destination that makes you dream?

Vietnam, my grandmother’s country. I want to find out… by hitchhiking!

A guilty pleasure?

I love all the cuisines of the world.

The place that inspires you to compose?

Places matter less to me than people. I draw my inspiration from my many human encounters.

Which family figure meant the most to you?

Maggy, my mother who left too soon, three years ago. She was a light to all those close to her. His capacity for love and forgiveness was immense.

A quality that you are happy to have inherited?

Love of neighbor. For me, it manifests itself through compassion and listening to others.

A guardian angel watching over you?

I have two: the Virgin Mary and my mother.

For you, Jesus, it is…

The Son of God, a true landmark. When I find myself on a difficult path, I think about what he went through and, suddenly, events seem much less complicated and my life becomes clearer.

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