Muriel Lacroix-Pringarbe's advice

Muriel Lacroix-Pringarbe’s advice

The point of view of Muriel Lacroix-Pringarbe, committed entrepreneur

Dear Emma, ​​you want to enter a structure that seems not to need you. You obviously seem very motivated, but today there are numerous requests from retired people in the same frame of mind as you. It seems to me that you have no interest in insisting, because not being wanted for a volunteer project turns out to be very disappointing.

Why don’t you try to find a paid activity, in addition to your pension: contact retirement homes to run DIY workshops or your town hall for help with homework? Your ideas are not finding takers? Maybe look for others. Have you thought about carrying groceries for elderly people? Another path is also open to you who like manual activities: you could launch your creative activity and consider selling your productions, like one of my acquaintances who, in the winter at home, paints with stencils on pewter objects and offers them on summer markets or on its Facebook account.

Move on, Emma, ​​without further delay for a response from this association, and good luck with your research!

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