“My tour of the world in eighty days”

“My tour of the world in eighty days”

You publish Steppe by steppe. Make our mouths water…

This story retraces my eighty days of travel by hitchhiking and staying with locals, to Kyrgyzstan. I focus on my inner journey over more than 15,000 km across 16 countries.

What does this adventure reveal about you?

My deep desire to meet others and bear witness to the goodness of human beings. On the other side of the world, when you have an attitude of openness, joy and respect, most people are welcoming.

Music that soothes you?

On the road, song signed Raphaël and Jean-Louis Aubert, is a bit like the anthem of my trip. In difficult times, she gave me energy and a wonderful feeling of gratitude.

Your favorite podcast?

The walkers broadcast by the media Les Others. At sea, in the mountains or in the jungle, these adventurers are overcome, like me, by the thrill of elsewhere.

An inspiring person in your family?

My grandfather Alban, a great curious person! He encouraged me to write this story which I dedicate to him.

A quality that you would be proud to pass on?

The desire to commit to the world with conviction and humility, an impulse that my parents themselves transmitted to me.

A way to reconnect with nature?
Ski touring in the Alps. I am a complete fan of this sport which requires a great sense of effort.

A solidarity initiative?

The fight against precariousness and the isolation of homeless people, refugees, and asylum seekers. I donated the money saved during my trip (around 15 euros per day) to the JRS France association (Jesuit Refugee Service).

An unforgettable spiritual place?

In North Macedonia, after spending the night in the Orthodox monastery of Saint Panteleimon (formerly Saint-Clément, Editor’s note), I went to pray by the beautiful Lake Ohrid, nearby. An intense moment of contemplation in silence.

For you, Jesus is…

A traveling companion, in joys and trials. In the smiles of those who picked me up, or those who welcomed me into their homes, I never doubted his presence.

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