Nature is also a sanctuary

Nature is also a sanctuary

The image made the rounds in the media and social networks: a nun forcefully throwing herself at an environmentalist who was preparing to oppose the opening of a controversial construction site. A tackle that brought smiles to the faces of the cottages, as the Rugby World Cup entered its home stretch.

For several years, conflict has been brewing in this Ardèche valley. On one side, a religious community of classical spirit and under the supervision of the Vatican, the Missionary Family of Notre-Dame, which dreams of building a church with 3,500 seats, a capacity which seems disproportionate for the village of Saint-Pierre -de-Colombier. On the other, some of the 440 inhabitants of the village and environmental activists who oppose this project, for political but also ecological reasons. The local bishop himself issued a decree against this project, considered disproportionate, in March 2021. The clashes at the end of October between members of the religious community and a few dozen opponents took place when the work was about to begin. of the reception house.

But a twist took place on November 6: the work was once again suspended for the duration of an additional environmental impact study. Obviously, integral ecology still has a way to go on the banks of the Bourges, the small clear river which flows through this village which has become calm again. For a time only, no doubt.

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