Preventing farmer unhappiness: “Agriculture is a lifestyle choice”

Preventing farmer unhappiness: “Agriculture is a lifestyle choice”

Why are breeders so vulnerable?

They particularly suffer from isolation and loneliness. In 2017, the year to which we must go back to have the latest figures published by the Mutuelle sociale agricole, 529 suicides were recorded among farmers and agricultural employees. These tragic statistics arise from the pressure inherent in running a farm, the cycle of debt and the recurring feeling of being stuck in the profession. Breeding unfortunately combines many of these factors.

Are there solutions to break this isolation?

One of the important projects of this law will be to work on cessations of activities. We must develop tax mechanisms to facilitate transfer and provide perspective to farmers whose children do not wish to take over the farm. Agriculture is a lifestyle choice, this profession cannot be tolerated. It also seems essential to me to allow each breeder to go on leave or benefit from training.

What is the government planning to prevent suicides?

Each department now has a coordinator responsible for supporting farmers as closely as possible. This referent works in conjunction with a whole network of sentinels, around fifty per department. These people play a role of identification, listening and support, in connection with the Mutualité sociale agricole.

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