(Reader portrait 5/7) Paul: "Pope Francis is proof that there is no age for modern thought"

(Reader portrait 5/7) Paul: “Pope Francis is proof that there is no age for modern thought”

“Material or immaterial, the heritage of our elders fascinates me. In my opinion, the younger generations have a duty to maintain it. During my civic service at the Palace of Versailles, in 2021, I went to Parisian hospitals to do cultural mediation. Patients could smell the perfumes of Louis XV, touch reconstituted period outfits, become familiar with the art of gilding… I was proud to offer them this parenthesis of reverie, having been confronted during my studies nurse to the distress of patients in intensive care. Since then, I have reoriented myself to follow a training course on heritage. Beyond the breathtaking beauty of architecture, I also try to find my happiness in simple things. Right now, when I get up, spring makes me happy. Through little things, a ray of sunshine, the song of a bird, I see God in Creation. This Creation that we damage by not taking not care for the Earth Climate change is one of the topics that concern me. The reception of migrants as well. When I doubt, my faith reassures me. Moreover, thanks to the impetus of two ladies from the parish animation team, I am going to Lisbon, Portugal, this summer for the World Youth Days (WYD). I appreciate François’ personality, proof that there is no age limit for thinking modernly. I am deeply convinced that the Church must welcome all calls to the Lord. I find these subjects in the pages of Le Pèlerin. I discovered the magazine recently, during the World Tourism Fair in March, in Paris. Dealing with the news with a human face speaks to me. Like young people my age, I spend a lot of time on social networks and the paper newspaper gives me a break, takes me out of the virtual world. To the children born in 2023 who will also be confronted with these questions, I wish peace and serenity, but above all to have faith. Moreover, the question of a vocation torments me… I trust in God, perhaps he will bring me an answer this summer?

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