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Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali | Biography of an immense scholar

These few lines promote a contemporary Sunnah scholar. Some have decried him while others benefit from his knowledge which he transmits through his works and his meetings. If he has suffered numerous criticisms, it is because of his ardent desire to defend the Sunnah and refute innovations. Let’s discover together some key points of the biography of Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali.

A scholar not appreciated at his true value

We live in an era in which people of science are becoming increasingly rare. This phenomenon is also one of the signs of the end times. The number of ulemas is decreasing, as is the enthusiasm of Muslims for legislated science.

As for innovations and their followers, their number continues to grow and they continue to gain momentum. As a result, defending the Sunnah becomes an arduous mission that requires endurance.

The members of the Umma all know that the path to follow is that of rigorous following of the Koran and the Sunnah according to the understanding of salaf salih. To put it briefly, the followers of the Sunnah speak rather of minhaj salafi. The biography Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali highlights a scholar of this movement.

Why does he face so much criticism? Because of his fervor in defending the Sunnah as well as his firmness in the face of people of innovation. People of science explain that among the characteristics which make it possible to define ‘ ahl al bida’there is animosity towards people of the Sunnah.

Today, the majority of Muslims benefit from the works of Sheikh Islam Ibn Taymiyya. However, in his time, he also suffered harsher treatment as he was imprisoned for religious reasons.

Some points from the biography of Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali

Born in 1351 AH in a village not far from the Saudi city Samita, he is part of the Mudakhala. This is one of the most famous tribes in the southern Saudi Arabia. His father died shortly after his birth. It is therefore his mother who will provide him with the noble education which will later make him a great muhaddith.

He joined the science circles of his village at the age of 8. He spent most of his studies at Samita before joining the faculty of shari’a of Riyadh about 2 to 3 months, then theIslamic University of Medina. In this prestigious institution, he took courses from great contemporary scholars. Among them, there are notably Sheikh Ibn Baz, Sheikh Al Albani, Sheikh Mohamed Amine Al Shanqitietc.

His doctorate obtained in 1400H at Umm Al-Qura is one of the major events in the biography of Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali. This was followed by his integration into the teaching staff of the University of Medina. In it, he teaches the science of hadith.

The biography of Sheikh Rabi Al Madkhali, a Salafi scholar

He always claims his attachment and his clinging to the Salafi minhaj. Contrary to what his detractors claim, he has always provided evidence for his refutations. No matter what opinion they have of him, the faithful must always criticize based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

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