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Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli | The scholar’s biography online

Here, we introduce you to the works of one of our eminent scholars, Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli. He is one of the most active ulama at the moment in the propagation of legislated science. Despite his origin, namely Saudi, he does not hesitate to travel thousands of kilometers to call different peoples to the religion of Allah.

Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli, a scholar from Medina,

Born at Medina, city ​​of the prophet, in 1386 AH, i.e. in 1966, Soulaymân ibn Salîmillah ibn Rajâ-illah Ar Rouhayli received a noble education. Coming from one of the oldest Arab tribunes, called harb, he was indeed able to imbue himself with its noble characters. The Messenger of Allah particularly praised the moral qualities of this tribe. This sheikh is deeply rooted in Saudi culture since he grew up in this kingdom. He still lives there today.

He actively contributes to the dawa, both in Saudi Arabia and abroad. He has also taken part in numerous seminars in Europe. During his speeches, he emphasizes the importance of Tawheed by proceeding to the explanation of books of aqida. It also owes its reputation to its specialty, namely fiqh.

Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli: his journey

From a young age, he frequented science circles. Indeed, his father took him with him to attend meetings given by the ulama when he was only 6 years old. He finished the memorizing the Quran before he was 10 years old.

Sheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli had the opportunity to attend the classes of the greatest contemporary scholars. Among them, there were notably Sheikh Ibn Baz, Sheikh Al Uthaymin or Sheikh Al Albanirahimahoumoullah.

He also integrated theIslamic University of Medina who awarded him a doctorate in the science of ousoul al fiqh. Today, he is an integral part of the teaching staff of this prestigious institution. Indeed, he teaches fiqh at this university in addition to giving courses in the prophet’s mosque.

A dawa accessible in several communication channels

Cheikh Souleymane Ar-Rouhayli acts as both a teacher and a preacher. His interventions can be found online in audio or video format. Your Muslim bookstore lets you discover its works which include numerous teachings. May Allah preserve this sheikh who works to transmit knowledge throughout the world.

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