Isabelle Ithurburu: “Rugby brings us all together”

Isabelle Ithurburu: “Rugby brings us all together”

You are joining TF1 for the Rugby World Cup in France which starts on September 8. Make our mouths water…
Isabelle Ithurburu: Whatever the sport, a World Cup is the most beautiful competition.

In the mag , we will analyze each match. Viewers will experience very intense moments since this Cup is taking place here, at a time when our French XV has never been so competitive and strong!

What does your passion for this sport reveal about you?
I recognize myself in its family, friendly, intergenerational, caring and unifying aspect in terms of diversity.

Your Proust madeleine?
Like a true girl from the Basque Country, my mom’s duck confit! I can’t eat it anywhere other than at her place. This dish is synonymous with large tables and meals that can last five or six hours with an extended menu…

A gene that you are happy to have inherited?
My mother’s constant joy of living, even when things aren’t going well, and the ability to be able to eat like four without gaining a kilo, like my dad!

You have three days, a backpack and no car, where are you going?
Leaving Pau, I head towards the ocean via Arbouet-Sussaute, the village of my paternal family, Espelette and Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

For what cause would you mobilize?
Sick and abused childhood. I am godmother of the L’estelada association which raises funds to improve the daily lives of sick or disabled children in Béarn.

I am also a sponsor of Secours populaire which allows children from the Parisian suburbs to spend a day by the sea.

Which beauty will save the world?
Happy and fulfilled childhood. Taking care of them puts future adults on the right track.

Guardian angel on your shoulder?
Gabrielle, my paternal grandmother, to whom I was very close. I was 12 when she disappeared. Through small signs, I feel that she is watching over me.

To pay tribute to him, I had the word “angel”, in Basque, tattooed on the hollow of my right wrist.

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