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Train in Arabic | Find out how to say it in literary Arabic

THE means of transport The train is widely used in many countries around the world, including Arabic-speaking countries. If you are interested in the Arabic language or plan to travel to a country where the language is spoken, it may be helpful to learn how to say train in Arabic. The Islam Oumma editorial team explores with you the different ways of expressing this word and some common expressions related to trains.

The word train in Modern Standard Arabic

L’modern standard arabic is the official language used in the media, literature and government institutions of Arab countries. The Arabic word for “train” in this context is:

قطار (qitar)

This term is widely understood and accepted in all Arabic-speaking countriesalthough some regional terms may also exist.

Regional variations of the word train in Arabic

As with any language, Arabic has its own dialects and regional variations. Here are some examples of how the word “train” can be pronounced differently depending on the region:

  • Egypt : قطر (qotr) or قطار (qitar)
  • Morocco : قطار (lqtar) in Moroccan dialect (darija) or القطار (al-qitar) in dialectal Arabic
  • Lebanon : قطار (qatar)
  • Tunisia : قطار (qitâr) or قطر (qotr)

It is important to note that these variations are not exhaustive and there may be other regional variations.

Common expressions related to trains

Now that you know the word “train” in Arabic, it’s also helpful to learn some common expressions you might hear during your trips. Here are some of the most used phrases:

  1. Buy a ticket: شراء تذكرة (shiraa tadhkira)
  2. Ticket price: سعر التذكرة (se’r al-tadhkira)
  3. Train station: محطة القطار (mahatta al-qitar)
  1. Train timetable: جدول المواعيد (jadwal al-mawa’id)
  2. Train travel: رحلة بالقطار (rihla bil-qitar)
  3. Next train: القطار التالي (al-qitar al-taali)
  1. Wagon: عربة (araba)
  2. Seated place: مقعد (maq’ad)
  3. Berth: مَرْفأ النوم (marfa’ al-nawm)
  4. Controller: مُفَتِّش (muftatish)

Some tips for traveling by train in Arab countries

In many Arabic-speaking countries, the rail transport is a common and convenient way to get around. Here are some tips to consider when traveling:

  • Remember to book in advance : Train tickets can be purchased from ticket offices or online. Booking in advance guarantees you a spot and can also save you money.
  • Check train times : Make sure you know the departure and arrival times of your train so you don’t miss your trip. You can usually find this information on the train company’s website or at the station itself.
  • Follow baggage rules : Before boarding the train, make sure your luggage meets the weight and size limits specified by the train company.

In short, learning to say “ train » in Arabic as well as some common expressions related to rail transport will certainly be useful to you during your travels in Arabic-speaking countries. Thus, you will be able to take full advantage of the advantages offered by this means of transport quick and convenient.

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