Slovenians go to the Taizé European meeting in Ljubljana.  They tell

Slovenians go to the Taizé European meeting in Ljubljana. They tell

Petra Burnik, 18 years old: “A common spirit and unity of prayer”

His expectations. “I am very happy about the Taizé meeting in Ljubljana, which opens today, because I believe it will be an incredible and wonderful experience for a large number of young people who want to enter the new year in the spirit of Taizé . I have never been to Taizé or a Taizé New Year’s gathering myself, and so I don’t know exactly how these events take place. But as part of the preparations for our New Year’s gathering, I attended several prayers in Taizé, Ljubljana, which impressed me greatly. I hope that I will find a similar atmosphere, a common spirit and unity in prayer during this New Year’s meeting.

I will not be a volunteer, but I will participate in prayers, workshops and other events, and with a few other people from the region also in prayers and events that will be held in the parish. I am delighted to be able to contribute to the meeting and to have the opportunity to experience the prayers of Taizé which are special and which have won over so many young people. I am especially looking forward to meeting the young people who will come to Ljubljana from all over the world to welcome the new year in the spirit of God’s peace and enter into His presence. I hope that I will also feel peace and this common spirit of devotion to God and that I will enter the coming year filled with this peace and spirit. »

Marija Burnik: “I organized the reception of the pilgrims”

I have personally attended three Taizé Meetings in the past, and they were a fabulous experience for me. So when it was announced that Ljubljana would host this event this year, my heart was filled with joy and I said to myself: “Of course we will”. I am happy to be able to reciprocate, with my family, the welcome that was once given to us abroad.

Some members of our parish did not seem to share the same enthusiasm as me and, as the date approached, it seemed to me that there were not enough of us to receive pilgrims during this event. So I decided to join the preparation team, and we went to talk to people after Sunday services. As Slovenes are a kind and hospitable people, people have agreed to open their doors to people coming from abroad.

What a pleasure to see young people full of enthusiasm and joy arriving in an unknown land among unknown people and who, with a big smile and a sincere “thank you”, show their gratitude for their generous welcome!

In my family, we host two Slovenian pilgrims and two foreigners. I am looking forward to this first meeting and all those that will follow, and I am certain that we will have a truly pleasant time together!

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