Testimony of faith.  Let the light in

Testimony of faith. Let the light in

I chose and I love my job working with patients and their families. For thirty-three years, I practiced it with joy in various hospital departments. The experience of the two years of Covid clashed with my values, in particular the ban on families being able to support their loved ones at the end of life.

Very tested, I had to stop for several months and I left the healthcare sector to become a stretcher bearer. I take patients to the operating room and examination rooms.

It’s a discreet and physical mission: I cover several kilometers per day. I am happy with this link, which for me is essential, maintained with patients, even briefly. A few minutes of transport in the corridors of the “hospital liner” are often the occasion for exchanges of astonishing density.

Like, recently, when driving a young man in his twenties to the operating room. His tense face betrays growing stress. I offer him a pole: “It seems complicated this morning! Do you want to talk about it? » “Before, both my grandmothers prayed for me when I had an exam in high school. They both died, and this morning, no one prayed for me. It’s scary! » he blurted.

I smile at this mention, which echoes my evening prayer, when I entrust the crossed faces to the hospital. “Does that make you smile?” » he misunderstands. ” Oh no ! Quite the contrary! » “Do you ever pray?” », he continues. ” Yes and you ? ” ” I do not know how to do. » Keeping a smile, I whisper to him: “Just open your heart and let the light in…” His face transforms, peaceful: “I think everything will be fine. »

After such exchanges, I know why I am here. These unique moments fill me with discreet joy. Time suspends its flight and the Spirit visits me, in this place, to the concreteness of fear and suffering. These dialogues are also for me like a balm, a consolation after my years of trials. If I am more sensitive and fragile since Covid, I am stronger too. My place is in the hospital, where I will be present on Christmas Day.

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