Les chakras expliqués de manière simple.

The chakras explained in a simple way.

Chakra is a Sanskrit term (ancient language of India) which means “wheel of energy”.

The chakras are fed by the universal vital energy (Prana) and turn on themselves. There are seven of them and each of them has a specific location in the physical body.

Where are the chakras located in the body?

The chakras are aligned throughout the spine, starting at the base, rising to the top of the head. Thus, they represent the connection of earth to heaven. These capture vital energies (prâna or chi, ki), then transform and distribute them to the physical body or the subtle body, in order to stabilize or develop them.

Spirituality and Chakras

In Eastern thought, the chakras are considered levels of consciousness and states of mind. The energy centers are subtle spiritual forces acting on the psyche and the spirit. The concept of chakra is therefore difficult to understand for Westerners, who often have a tendency to need to have visual proof of what we are talking about.

The seven main CHAKRAS

• The root chakra – Muladhara (1st chakra, base chakra)
• The sacral chakra – Svadhisthana (2nd chakra, sacrum chakra)
• The solar plexus chakra – Manipura (3rd chakra, solar chakra)
• The heart chakra – Anahata (4th chakra, heart chakra)
• The neck chakra – Vishuddha (5th chakra, laryngeal chakra, throat chakra)
• The forehead chakra – Ajna (6th chakra, 3rd eye chakra)
• The crown chakra – Sahasrara (7th chakra, top chakra).

The goal of Harmonizing the chakras

It is the unblocking of the chakras and the harmonization of these energy centers. Thus, according to this principle, if a blocked chakra can break the energy circulation in the body, all its equivalences have the property of restoring it by unblocking and balancing the chakras. These equivalences or elements can come from nature (looking at a starry sky), from a sound, from music, from a mantra, from a color, from a mineral, from a perfume, from a form of yoga (ynatra-yoga, jnâna-yoga…), a meditation…

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