The five saints to invoke for the start of the school year

The five saints to invoke for the start of the school year

For students

Saint Rita (1381-1457)

If Saint Rita is known to be the patroness of desperate causes, it is because she encountered many hardships during her life: forced to marry a violent man when she wanted to enter orders, then loss of her husband and their two children… The ordeal she went through with patience and without anger makes her a beloved figure who can understand any distress and help overcome it. The prayer to Saint Rita invites you to find calm and concentration, in order to refocus on the event to come.

With you, Saint Rita, I present myself to God, creative wisdom of the universe, light of the human intellect.
To learn through the application of study:
I need attention: help me to concentrate, you who were always collected.
I desire to obtain inner peace dominating the passions, outer tranquility fleeing dissipation.
I need intuition: make it easy for me to understand the essential.
I need to remember: help my memory.
I need, above all, to educate myself through study, to the divine life, to live in time and in eternity.
Saint Rita, recommend me for this to the goodness of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin.

For the parents

Saint Materne (lived in the 4th century, died in 328)

Materne is a scholar who was successively bishop of Trier, Cologne and Tongeren. Popular legend has it that he was sent by Saint Peter to evangelize northern Gaul and Germany. He would thus be at the origin of the institution of numerous places of worship. Parents can ask Saint Materne to ask for the protection and development of their children, in all the projects they undertake.

Oh God, our heavenly Father, who loves mankind, and is so merciful and compassionate, have mercy on these children of yours, your servants, for whom we humbly pray to you, and commend them to your gracious protection. O God, deign to be their guide and guardian in all their endeavours, guide them to the path of your Truth, and bring them closer to you, so that they may lead a pious and righteous life, loving and fearing you. , fulfilling your will in all things. Bless and strengthen their teachers. And give them grace, that they may be moderate, industrious, diligent, pious and charitable. Defend them against the onslaught of the Enemy, and grant them wisdom and strength to withstand all the temptations and corruption of this present life; lead them on the way to salvation, for the love of your son, our savior Jesus Christ, and through the intercession of his most holy mother, of your blessed saints, and of their guardian angels! Amen. »

For teachers

Saint Catherine (292-312)

Saint Catherine lived in Alexandria during the reign of Maximin II. Described as highly educated, she studied philosophy. Her talents for argumentation and eloquence even made her win a debate against fifty rhetoricians responsible for convincing her of the stupidity of Christianity. After their defeat, the last of them had to convert. Under the Roman Empire, Christians were persecuted, games were organized during which Christians were to die. It was during the “circus games” that Catherine, a Christian, beat these philosophers. She was then martyred. Standing up to those who did not believe in her Christian faith, she is a figure of courage and determination. As the start of the school year approaches, everyone can pray to Saint Catherine to entrust her with their new year, both schoolchildren and teachers. The holy woman is at the same time patroness of science, of students and professors.

O glorious Saint Catherine, wise and prudent virgin, who placed the science of Jesus Christ above all science, obtain for us to remain inviolably attached to the Catholic faith and not to seek, in our studies and in our teaching, than to extend in ourselves and in others the reign of Jesus Christ our Lord and of the holy Church. So be it. »

Before the study

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

This illustrious theologian studied theology at the University of Paris, the most important university institution of the time. His works – which sought to reconcile the heritage of ancient thought with Christian theology – mark the beginnings of scholastic philosophy. Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of Catholic schools, universities and academies. Students can resort to prayer before studying during revision periods or simply on the eve of classes resuming, to begin the new year with confidence.

Ineffable creator, you are the true source of light and wisdom. Deign to spread your light over the darkness of my intelligence; cast out from me the darkness of sin and ignorance. Give me: penetration to understand, memory to retain, method and facility to learn, lucidity to interpret, abundant grace to express myself. Help the beginning of my work, direct its progress, crown it at the end. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. »

To pass your exams

Joseph of Cupertino (1603 – 1663)

Patron saint of students and especially the most stressed, he is the ultimate intercessor. However, nothing predestined him to such a status. Raised by a mother in debt, he found refuge in prayer. At 17, he wanted to join the Franciscans but was not accepted because he was considered too nonchalant and dreamy. He was finally received, thanks to the support of his brother, himself a Franciscan brother. Despite serious learning difficulties and an inability to read and write, Joseph was admitted to minor orders in 1627. During the examination, the jury randomly selected a passage from the Bible and it came across verse 27, the only text that the young man knows. Divine intervention? A year later, Joseph received priestly ordination and became a priest. Praying to Joseph of Cupertino allows us to become aware of our own strength and intelligence. No matter how hard you try, the intention is to be protected and achieve your goal as the saint did. Unlike the prayer before the study of Saint Thomas Aquinas which can be said at the beginning of revisions, that of Cupertino is a prayer for help which can be of great help when one feels helpless in the morning. ‘an exam.

O Saint Joseph of Cupertino,
Who likes to show you favor towards those who have recourse to you, I come to implore your help for this exam which I must take.
Despite my work, my good will, I fear letting myself be disturbed and not being able to respond properly.
Remember that you found yourself in the same difficulty and that by obedience and the powerful protection of your spiritual father, you got out of it providentially.
Do the same for me: grant me assurance in my responses and give my intelligence promptness and liveliness.
I ask you for the love of Jesus, Mary and Saint Francis, whose child and faithful servant you were.
In you I trust, most patron saint of examinations, and I am convinced that my hope will not be disappointed.

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