“The integration of Ukraine into the European Union would accelerate the ruin of our farmers”

“The integration of Ukraine into the European Union would accelerate the ruin of our farmers”

Your job

What was your greatest pride as a European parliamentarian?

That of having carried for five years the voice of the millions of French people who trusted me, and of being the eyes and ears of the people in this very secret and hermetic European Parliament where much of its future is nevertheless decided.

What was your biggest disappointment as an elected member of Parliament?

The disappointment of often being confronted with sectarianism that does not honor our democracy.

What is the first measure you would like to see voted on if you are elected?

There are two: the possibility of implementing economic patriotism, to allow our canteens to offer our children healthy and local products from our farmers, and the rejection of the Migration Pact, which provides for the compulsory relocation of migrants in our communities and that I will fight with all my strength.

Do you speak one or more foreign languages ​​fluently? If so why ?

I have good knowledge of Italian which allows me to hold a conversation, and I continue to take English lessons to improve my still somewhat hesitant practice!

Your campaign

What is Europe's main challenge today?

Reconnect with power and remain herself in the 21st century. This requires taking up the immense demographic and migratory challenge, leading an ecological transition that is reasoned and non-punitive, and tackling the issue of artificial intelligence head on, otherwise it will become, tomorrow, a digital colony of Washington or Beijing.

Designate your main opponent from among the other heads of the list.

My opponent is Emmanuel Macron. He caused, hand in hand with the technocrats of Brussels, the great erasure of France. A great eraser which caused France's decline at home, on its own soil, but also in Europe and in the world.

Given her record, does Ursula von der Leyen deserve to be reappointed?

Ursula von der Leyen is at the head of a European Commission which has pursued a policy of punitive ecology, which has given up protecting our continent from migratory submersion, which meticulously erases our identity and our Christian roots and at the same time unfolds the red carpet to political Islam which wishes our destruction. One of the challenges of June 9 will be to obtain as many patriotic deputies as possible to oppose its renewal.

Compared to the last elections in 2019, would you say that France has gained or lost influence within the EU?

Under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron, we are not sufficiently defending our interests. Emmanuel Macron's supporters repeat over and over that France needs Europe, but the converse is true: Europe needs France, our leaders should remind us of this a little more often and firmly.

Should the EU welcome Ukraine into its fold? (If yes, when?)

I am opposed to any further enlargement of the European Union, in particular to the Balkans and, tomorrow, to Turkey, a country with which negotiations are still ongoing. As for Ukraine, it is a country of 44 million inhabitants and a major agricultural power which, if it joined the EU, would accelerate the ruin of our farmers.

Does Frontex really protect our borders?

Frontex has been diverted from its primary mission, which is to be a coastguard force responsible for combating irregular immigration, to reluctantly become a hostess for migrants. Fabrice Leggeri, who led Frontex for seven years and denounced this drift, chose to join the National Rally and will be in 3rd position on my list.

What priority measure in the European framework to save French farmers?

We must get agriculture out of free trade agreements, which create unfair competition for our farmers, and put an end to the normative drunkenness, punitive ecology and degrowth that the European Union imposes on them. What is at stake is nothing less than the survival of our rurality, our food security and our strategic independence.

What is the first ecological emergency within the EU?

Invest massively in French nuclear power, which is a powerful, clean, low-carbon, cheap energy source, ideal for producing and being competitive while protecting the environment.

“Europe has three to five years to prepare for a military attack from Russia,” declared Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on January 15. What do you think ?

For once, I agree with the words of François Hollande when he said, after an interview with his successor at the Elysée, that in military matters “the less we say, the better we act”. Given their geography and history, I understand the concern of the Baltic countries. Peace in Europe is a precious good: faced with a more uncertain and conflictual world, it is obvious that we must invest in defense and not let our guard down.

Your sensitivity

What European landscape do you have in your heart?

The coastlines of Corsica, or Rome, eternal city of 700 churches, masterpiece of spirit and matter.

What work of art embodies the European spirit for you?

La Pieta, by Michelangelo.

Which leader would you like to have a drink with?

With Olaf Scholtz, the German chancellor. We must reestablish a true and frank Franco-German dialogue: we will tell him that tomorrow, with us in charge, France will be back and will once again defend its interests.

For you, does Europe have Christian roots?

This is not a question of point of view, it is historical evidence. We must be proud of it, because Christianity has forged our heritage, our vision of Man and our way of life.

Who would you choose to appear on the next 20 euro note?

We would be honored to include Marie Curie there. Franco-Polish and double Nobel Prize winner, her discoveries helped bring France and Europe into a new era of progress in the fields of science, energy and medicine.

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