the number of baptisms explodes in 2024

the number of baptisms explodes in 2024

The number of adults and adolescents baptized at Easter continues to grow according to a survey published by the Conference of Bishops of France this Wednesday, March 27. If all age groups are progressing, it is among young people that the trend is strongest.

The trend has been clear since 2021. The number of baptized adults and adolescents is increasing in France according to the 2024 annual survey published by the Conference of Bishops of France this Wednesday, March 27. More and more French people are therefore choosing to embark on the adventure of the catechumenate in order to be introduced, gradually, to the heart of Christian life.

More than 30% of baptisms for adults in 2024

This year, nearly 7,135 adults have requested this sacrament in France. An increase of almost 31% compared to 2023 and a figure almost doubled compared to 2021. “In a rapidly changing world, often disoriented, and a Church which is no less disoriented, it may be that the Lord has decided to take the lead. In almost all the dioceses of France, sometimes in a movement of disconcerting magnitude, people come to the Church to ask for baptism, confirmation or the Eucharist,” indicates Monseigneur Olivier Leborgne, bishop of Arras and president of the council for catechesis and the catechumenate, in a press release.

More than a third of the baptized are between 18 and 25 years old

“For several years, the proportion of young people aged 18-25 among adult catechumens has continued to increase,” analyzes Father Vincent Breynaert, director of the national youth and vocations service. In fact, young people represent around 36% of baptized adults, whereas they represented only 23% before the pandemic period. An increase of around 150% in 5 years and which allows this age group to equal in number that of 26-40 year olds.

More women baptized than men

Regardless of the increase in the number of baptized people, there are generally more women than men who request the sacraments of Christian initiation. The proportion has not changed for several years: 62% women to 38% men. The finding is the same among adolescents with 66% of girls requesting baptism, compared to 34% of boys.

A 50% increase for adolescent baptisms

In 2024, the number of baptisms of adolescents (11-17 years old) explodes, going from 2,861 in 2023 to at least 5,100 this year. Note that more adolescent catechumens request the sacraments in middle school than in high school.

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