“Ukraine aims to join us in the European Union”

“Ukraine aims to join us in the European Union”

Your job

What was your greatest pride as a European parliamentarian?

Unquestionably, I will be proud all my life of the recovery plan that we built after Covid. This is an unprecedented step forward in the history of Europe and we were a handful of parliamentarians to hold the pen with the States. Alongside the President, we broke the taboo of a common debt to save European jobs, SMEs… And that was decisive.

What was your biggest disappointment as an elected member of Parliament?

Disappointment or sadness, I don't know, but the day we said goodbye to our British colleagues. Rarely has the hemicycle received so much emotion. We see what Brexit brings today: I will always fight against the idea of ​​subjecting the French to the same fate.

What is the first measure you would like to see voted on if you are elected?

I want to continue transforming Europe. The priority in my eyes for the next mandate is first of all to strengthen our strategic autonomy, for our energy, our defense… I will be on the front line so that this major fight is financed to the extent it deserves .

Do you speak one or more foreign languages ​​fluently? If so why?

I discovered Europe by learning German, which was my first language. I am very attached to it. But with time and customs in Parliament, I now work much more in English.

Your campaign

What is Europe's main challenge today?

This is the challenge to our sovereignty. We have done a lot, but there is still work to ensure that Europe is fully sovereign, freed from its strategic dependencies. We got off Russian gas in record time: we must not rest on our laurels because our medicines, our security, our electric batteries must also find their source, as much as possible, outside regimes with sometimes divergent interests.

Designate your main opponent from among the other heads of the list.

I'm not working on target. I am here to carry our project: since we need Europe, we must transform it to make it most useful for the French. And this requires everyone to know each other's assessment and real project.

Given her record, does Ursula von der Leyen deserve to be reappointed?

Ursula von der Leyen is the candidate of the European right, and it will not have escaped you that she is not my political family. What matters is the project. We are going to carry ours with our candidates, the project of the central force in Europe; always in a spirit of compromise and dialogue with other pro-European forces.

Compared to the last elections in 2019, would you say that France has gained or lost influence within the EU?

Without a doubt won! The French presidency of the Council of the EU was a very effective six-month period for making progress on many burning issues. And even the other pro-European families in Parliament recognize the relevance and usefulness of Emmanuel Macron's European vision. While French people like Jordan Bardella never found their way to their office, our 23 elected officials from the presidential majority worked and were recognized in all parliamentary rankings. Work pays. This is how you gain influence.

Should the EU welcome Ukraine? If yes, when?

Ukraine aims to join us. On the other hand, she has no privileges and does not ask for any. This will take time, because a country's membership is conditional on its internal reforms. Ukraine is, in fact, very far from it. The priority is above all the withdrawal of troops from Vladimir Putin and the territorial recovery of Ukraine. One thing is certain: the destiny of Ukrainians is a European destiny.

Does Frontex really protect our borders?

Of course. Frontex is even essential to protect them, although the recent management of the agency by Fabrice Leggeri has led to serious investigations against him, which he would like to forget. Today, there are gaps in our migration policy and this is why we are building the Asylum and Migration pact which, unfortunately, we are alone in supporting.

What priority measure in the European framework to save French farmers?

We must act as Europeans to avoid circumvention of the French Egalim law. Our project is also to build a European Egalim, so that margins are more equitably distributed across the value chain in Europe. The priority is to ensure that all our farmers can make a decent living from their work. I also plead for the creation of a health Frontex, a real European health control force to enforce our standards, particularly at our borders.

What is the first ecological emergency in the EU?

My compass is the just transition. In other words, we must maintain the course of decarbonization, which is vital in the literal sense, but without leaving anyone behind. To achieve this, we must invest in European green industry, which also involves training and retraining. Without forgetting, of course, support for households, because it is together that we will succeed. Our lifestyles are intended to evolve, with zero-emission mobility or thermal renovations. The just transition is not a mirage, it is possible if we give ourselves the means!

Europe has three to five years to prepare for a military attack from Russia », declared Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on January 15. What do you think?

This statement from the Prime Minister is a call for action. It is imperative to accelerate on defense Europe. NATO is an essential pillar of our security but we can no longer rely exclusively on the Alliance: a European pillar of defense is necessary. It must be solid, which implies investments, joint purchases, a constructed and sustainable policy for the security of Europeans.

Your sensitivity

What European landscape do you have in your heart?

It's very difficult to choose because our continent is magnificent. But I will make the choice of the heart and tell you about the Mayenne bocage, of course!

What work of art embodies the European spirit for you?

I really like the works of Stefan Zweig and Milan Kundera. These are the ones that come to mind first.

Which European leader would you like to have a drink with?

I would have really liked to talk with Robert Schuman and the founding fathers of the 1950s. The precious intuition of the European Union as a project of peace and prosperity, we had to believe in it: they believed in it and the miracle took place. I can't imagine the obstacles they raised at the time. They must have been fascinating to listen to over a drink.

For you, does Europe have Christian roots?

We Europeans have a common cultural and religious heritage which draws its source from the Judeo-Christian roots of our continent. This does not mean that Europe is uniform in its religious thinking. From “eldest daughter of the Church” to pioneer of secularism, France does not, for example, have the same relationship with Catholicism as in Poland or even in Italy.

Who would you choose to appear on the next 20 euro note?

I saw that “European culture” had been acclaimed during the major consultation organized by Christine Lagarde. I am delighted because I am convinced that there is a European culture, and I believe that the hardest part will be choosing among all the possibilities that this choice offers!

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