walk in the desert

walk in the desert

Books to walk further

travel stories

Saharan notebooks followed by Fifty years of Sahara, by Roger Frison-Roche, Ed. Arthaud, 624 p. ; €30.50.

Camel rides, explorations in the real Sahara, by Théodore Monod, Ed. Babel, 336 p. ; €9.20.

By the same author: The seeker of the absolute, Ed. Folio, 272 p. ; €8.10. Between philosophical reflections and fascinating anecdotes, the author narrates his life around camel caravans and bivouacs under the stars.

literary classics

The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Ed. Folio, 104 p. ; €9.90.

The desert, by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Ed. Folio, 448 p. ; €9.70.

Texts with spiritual significance

The little book of the desert, by François Molliet, Ed. Salvador, 136 p. ; €9.90. An exploration of the imagination of the desert and an initiatory reading.

Deserts, by Charles de Foucauld, Ed. Shores, 144 p. ; €6.60. The author shares his experience with the Tuaregs of Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century.

The Book of Exodus. The second book of the Bible recounts the flight of the Hebrews out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses and their peregrination in the Sinai desert towards the Promised Land.

For the goum experience

Pray 15 days with Michel Menu, by Isabelle Talvande and Cédric de la Serre, Ed. New City, 128 p; €13.90.

By the same author: It’s time to seize the day that is dawning, Ed. du Triomphe, 168 p. ; €17.90. An initiatory novel about a goumier in the Causses.

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