6 artists demonstrate the power of words in their creations

6 artists demonstrate the power of words in their creations

A fragile and beautiful world

This is how Guillaume Maidatchevsky let his imagination speak to give birth to Kina and Yuk. The two heroes will never stop meeting again. During their journey, brilliantly told by the voice of actress Virginie Efira, they will come across a polar bear, a marten, an ermine, caribou, a dog… but also predators such as the red fox and the wolf. As for human presence, it invites itself through the pressure it imposes on the environment. But the main part is given to this symbiosis between wildlife and the spaces of the Far North.

“Through the experience of these two foxes, far be it from me to make a political or scientific, and even less moralizing, discourse on the fragility of nature,” explains the filmmaker. I made my film like a gardener planting seeds of emotion. I hope that by discovering the world of Kina and Yuk, the children will snuggle into their parents’ arms, that they will laugh and shiver together. » This is why, with this third feature film featuring animals*, Guillaume Maidatchesky expresses a wish: that this adventure will be an opportunity for family reunions to share these moments. During these holidays, he could well be granted!

Estelle Couvercelle

* After Aïlo, an odyssey in Lapland ( 2019) and My cat and me, the great adventure of Rroû ( 2023).

Ève Ruggieri, writer and journalist “I loved being a storyteller”

“Because it relies on the power of words, speech is an extremely powerful weapon. This energy can be positive: I think of the texts of the Bible and the great preachers, like Martin Luther King who mobilized crowds against discrimination. But speech can also be catastrophic, like Hitler’s speeches which instilled hatred and division.

In my music programs, I loved being a storyteller, narrating the trajectories of composers. If I took great pleasure in talking about Mozart and his generosity, when I mentioned Wagner, I could not fail to emphasize that, if he was a genius, his anti-Semitism was disastrous.

Finally, I am happy to know that my word bore fruit. I sometimes come across fifty-year-olds who tell me: “I’ve been listening to you since I was little and your shows gave me a taste for history.” In audiovisual professions, speech is above all carried by the voice, its colors and its inflections. This is why throughout my career, with my headphones on my head, I directed my voice, like a maestro his orchestra. »

Eyoum Nganguè

Grand Corps Malade, singer “In your ears and your houses”

As early as 2006, the poet in jeans and sneakers, as he defines himself, announced the color in Le jour se leva, the first track of his first album entitled Midi 20, declaiming: “Our words leave our notebooks, our voices get out of boredom. So we’re going to speak, go on stage for a moment.”

Benjamin Abitan, director of the fiction concert “Tintin in Tibet”: “Giving a voice to Tintin on the airwaves”

“Performed by the National Orchestra of France and the Comédie-Française troupe, this work was recorded in public, on Radio France. After having adapted six Tintin albums into a radio series for France Culture, we are bringing the little reporter to life in the spectacular and unique form of a fiction concert.

Rebecca Manzoni, journalist “Freedom of speech above all”

“Resume the animation of the Mask and the Feather? It’s like entering an institution! Created in 1955, it is the oldest radio broadcast. But what characterizes it even more is the total freedom of speech, precious and rare, which animates the critics present around the table. Historical voices or new voices, they will continue to argue about books, films and plays with eloquence, rigor and complete independence.

By giving me the keys to Le Masque, starting next January, Jérôme Garcin explained to me that this program did not belong to the one who orchestrated it but to the listeners. This show will remain a show that is made by three people: host, critics and audience, very numerous at each recording.

More modern than ever, this program is a forum where different sensibilities, generations, worlds and opinions express and debate. I would like to extend and cultivate this multiplicity of voices which, sometimes, shake us up. Because if the opinions expressed by critics do not systematically confirm our opinions, it is proof that this show is the anti-algorithm par excellence. »


Murielle Szac, writer: “Stories that give meaning to the world”

“The fabulous stories of Greek mythology, of love and war, of wisdom and violence, are good for children and adults alike. The reader can project his jealousy, his fear, his desire for revenge… Even if he does not understand everything, he sees that everything is possible, complex. These contradictions are found in the Bible (Old Testament for Christians, Editor’s note).

To write Tzippora I immersed myself in many works, from the ecumenical Bible to that of the Bayard writers, comparing the different versions. I discovered everything that wasn’t there… and what I didn’t know! The Book of Esther, for example: it is an incredible heroine who acts, while God is absent and risks her life to save her people. Likewise, Eve disobeys but, at the same time, sets humanity in motion! I took great liberties with the text, I offer neither a Jewish nor a Christian story, but my view of the Bible which allows everyone to have their own reading…”

Muriel Fauriat

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