9 books to enjoy on our beautiful French language

9 books to enjoy on our beautiful French language

Without emphasis

by François Bégaudeau
Ed. Gallimard, 96 p. ; €14.50.

Jeanne is a caretaker in a hotel near Angers. She dreams of meeting a basketball player, but no, it will be Jacques, a gardener. With him, walks in the forest with Boule, the dog, the wedding. Then their son Daniel arrives – he’s a little small but we stick together – and Jeanne becomes secretary. They live in their parents’ house, are active, complain, support each other. Throughout the pages, paths and forgiveness can be discerned.

François Bégaudeau, screenwriter, writer, recounts in this short book the life of a couple who experiences neither crazy passion nor lyrical flights. A simple love story, but not simplistic. A strong text which makes you feel the tenderness behind the daily acts of life together.

Our opinion: PP

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