“A good meal is a helping hand”

“A good meal is a helping hand”

You publish Cuisine and National 7. In a few words, make our mouths water…

I was born on the edge of the “holiday route”, the Nationale 7 which links Paris to Menton. In the bistro that my grandmother ran in Pont-de-l'Isère (Drôme), I met daily the truckers and vacationers passing through. The first seeds of a love of cooking and sharing were sown there…

The place that inspires you to create?

The market ! I navigate between the stalls, I feel the products. Then, when I return from my walk, I draw the ideas that germinate in my mind. Then all I have to do is write the recipes! On the menu today? Langoustines brightened up with a touch of tarragon and lemon.

The place that crosses generations in your family?

Without hesitation, the café in my grandparents' village, where I grew up. Life revolved around this friendly establishment. I served my first customers there. It’s a magical place where, for me, so many first times took place. And so many famous surprise parties!

Your hotel and your gourmet restaurant are now in the hands of your son…

After sixty years spent in the kitchen, you have to know how to let go… The youngest of my five children, Louis, takes over the reins. The space has changed, but the spirit remains.

A gene you're happy to have inherited?

Generosity. When I cook, I think above all about the pleasure of reunions and sharing. There must always be a place at the table: a good meal is one hand reaching out to the other.

A mobilization that touched you?

That of the farmers. How can we not hear their anger? If French gastronomy is so recognized abroad, it is thanks to the exceptional products they make available to us.

A TV favorite?

He is ancient. I remember the day man walked on the Moon as if I were there. Sitting on the terrace of our café, eyes glued to the small screen and surrounded by a predominantly Belgian clientele, I experienced, at 24 years old, a great moment of pride!

You have three days, a backpack and no car. Where are you leaving ?

In the Vercors where I have good friends with whom to have a bite to eat.

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