How do I reflect during Time for Creation?

How do I reflect during Time for Creation?

With family or friends, or even in a small group at the end of a celebration, take the time to read the extract opposite. Then let yourself be guided by our questions.

“(…) Justice must emerge where it is needed, and not hide in the depths or disappear like water that evaporates, before it can sustain us. When we first seek the kingdom of God (cf. Mt 6:33)maintaining a right relationship with God, humanity and nature, then justice and peace can flow like an inexhaustible stream of pure water.

(…) In this Time of Creation, let us dwell on these heartbeats: ours, those of our mothers and grandmothers, the heartbeat of Creation and the heart of God. Today, they are not in harmony, they are not fighting together in justice and peace. Too many people are prevented from drinking from this mighty river. Let us therefore listen to the call to stand alongside the victims of environmental and climate injustice. There is so much that can be done if, like so many streams and torrents, we eventually come together into one mighty river to irrigate the life of our wonderful planet and our human family for generations to come.

(…) First of all, let us contribute to this powerful river by transforming our hearts. This is essential for any further transformation to begin.

(…) Starting from the grateful admiration of the Creator and of Creation, let us repent of our “ecological sins”, as my brother, the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, says. These sins hurt the natural world, and also our brothers and sisters.

(…) Let us collaborate in God’s continued creation through positive choices: by using resources as moderately as possible, practicing joyful sobriety, eliminating and recycling waste, and using products and services, increasingly available, that are ecologically and socially responsible.

(…) Let us raise our voices to put an end to this injustice done to the poor and our children, who will suffer the worst impacts of climate change. I appeal to all people of good will to act on these guidelines regarding society and nature.”

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