“I am a big talker who likes solitude”

“I am a big talker who likes solitude”

Here you are on stage with a new one woman show. What is he talking about ?

It’s a show very rooted in the era. I talk about social networks, personal development, couple relationships, inflation… I am not judging but observing, always with humor. Developments in society fascinate me and it does a lot of good to laugh about all these subjects.

The place that inspires you to create?

My bed, without hesitation! (Laughs) It's a place where I find concentration and where I'm rarely disturbed! This tranquility is very precious to me, especially on tour…

The people for whom you feel the most gratitude?

My two grandmothers. Both Jewish, one emigrated to France from Morocco, the other from Lithuania. They passed on to me their sense of adaptation.

The Proust madeleine from your childhood?

My raspberry roll cake, a recipe I learned when I was little. With my sister, we each had our specialty, even if we were far from great gastronomy. (Laughs)

A quality that you would be happy to pass on?

To my two daughters, of whom I am very proud, I hope to have passed on my sensitivity. The essential part of education is carried out through imprinting: children observe and repeat what we do, not what we say.

You have three days, a backpack and no car. Where are you leaving ?

I cheat and leave with a suitcase! I like to stay in a small hotel in Beaulieu-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). The contemplation of the sea delights me. To recharge my batteries, I need silence. I am a big talker who likes solitude.

A solidarity initiative that is close to your heart?

During the pandemic, I created the association Solidarity with caregivers. We have equipped more than 3,000 rest rooms with coffee makers, microwaves and furniture… The working conditions of caregivers revolt me. Nurses are the heroines of modern times!

Pope Francis grants you an audience, what do you ask him?

“Can you give me the recipe to become a better person?” »

Which beauty will save the world?

The beauty of peace, certainly. And for this, knowing how to forgive is essential.

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