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Kohl I Discover this beneficial sunna for our eyes

Let us revive a prophetic tradition: the kohl sunnah. Indeed, many people around the world coat their eyes with kohl without knowing that this practice is a sunnah.

Thus, by intending to follow our prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), in addition to benefiting from his benefits, we reap hassanats.

Whatis kohl?

Kohl is known to be one of the oldest cosmetic products in the world. It is more particularly used among Orientals.

In powder form, we find black, gray or blue depending on its composition. Its recipe differs depending on the region of the world. Generally speaking, there is antimony sulfide which is a natural mineral, as well as an oil (generally olive oil). Some also add cloves, kernels of datesrose petals or something else.

Currently, it is used by many women around the world tobeautify their eyes and highlight their look. Moreover, major brands have even adopted it, some have made it a luxury product.

Evidence of the kohl sunnah

Hadiths mentioning the sunnah of kohl

Our prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) left us several authentic hadiths mentioning the merits and benefits of kohl. We will tell you a few of them:

“I recommend antimony, it clears your eyesight and makes your eyelashes grow. » reported by Ibn Maja.

“Antimony makes eyelashes grow, cleans the eye of straw and dust and purifies it. » reported by Abu Nu’aym.

Howapply according to tradition?

At Tirmidhi reports that Ibn Abbas said that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) applied kohl to himself, he put it 3 times in the right eye and 2 times in the left eye, he started through the right eye and ended with the same eye.

Other hadiths explain to us how to apply it. Scholars have said that there are 2 ways to apply it an odd number of times:

  • either we put 3 times in the right eye and 2 times in the left eye, which makes an odd number.
  • Or apply kohl an odd number of times in each eye.

The benefits ofapply the kohl sunnah

Due to its protective properties, kohl is known to preserve eye health.

Thus, it would strengthen eyesight, clear it and cleanse all impurities from the eye.

It would be more beneficial during sleep since it remains inside the eyes all night. It is said to relieve headaches and help heal certain eye lesions. In addition, some use it as eye drops.

In some countries, they apply it from birth to the newborn’s eyes. This would be beneficial for the child’s eye health.

In short, kohl is not just a beauty product reserved for women. Practice the kohl sunnah contains a lot of benefits.

However, some kohls are not natural. Many are mixed with lead which is dangerous for health.

It is important to choose your kohl carefully. We recommend that you pay attention to the very attractive prices.

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