The most beautiful quotes from Mother Teresa in pictures

The most beautiful quotes from Mother Teresa in pictures

Good morning,

Thank you for publishing prayers from great saints, KEEP GOING, WE NEED THEM SO MUCH……..

I found on my tablet a testimony from Sister CATHERINE ERMITE, dating from 02/23/2020. Solitude is a path of truth.

I am MARIE PASCAL married to JOSEPH, it is through the PILGRI that we met and married on July 9, 1994. Thank you again for everything you do and communicate. You are authentic, simple, true.

I remembered Sister CATHERINE’s prayer, which she recited following the advice of her employer. I will apply it. We need to transform ourselves even more and connect our lives to Jesus.

For this, with our total respect, we would like to apply the prayers and meditations, etc., of Sister CATHERINE. It leaves from Ste TH. From Avila, etc….we would like to move forward in our daily actions, praying…she is the model…who grips us….We also want to remain very discreet…Do you she a spiritual master outside her hermitage? Can you help us unify ourselves with his example, with his everyday life….? We entrust our request to you, and we are very confident for your support and help. In union through the heart and prayer, let us move forward together to transform ourselves in love. MARY PASCAL AND JOSEPH

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