we must “reinvent a form of cohabitation”, according to the Oykos association

we must “reinvent a form of cohabitation”, according to the Oykos association

How was your project born?

Oykos is a recent association, created in connection with the Catholic Church. Using different tools, we encourage the emergence of innovative projects to support the future of Church places about to be sold. Twenty-five congregations have contacted us in the last twelve months.

What are these communities asking you?

Most of the time, that their places can remain places of spiritual life. Sometimes, too, to be able to leave the last members of the community behind. We must then invent a form of “cohabitation” which, if well thought out, can be very fruitful for all the residents – old and new – of these places. Building a relationship of mutual trust takes time. Some communities have sometimes had bad experiences with buyers who are not interested in understanding what they are going through.

What are the ways to keep this spiritual heritage alive?

We strive to facilitate the opening of “common houses” where we can experience a form of coherence with the message of the Gospel. For example, on the day of the signing of the acquisition of the Carmel of Avignon by Foncière Oykos, in December 2022, we were able to speak with Sister Marcelle, almost 90 years old, superior of the community who was leaving the premises. “Only Love counts,” she told us while looking at the closed building. “When I arrived here, all sixty shutters were open. I can't wait until they are again. So that life comes back. With lots of children in this garden! »

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