“Write my story”, the new special issue of Le Pèlerin

“Write my story”, the new special issue of Le Pèlerin

The great desire to write

Poem, diary, chronicle, story, autobiography, everyone opens the door of their choice in the house of writing. A place of freedom, of expressing one’s uniqueness, of self-repair, of renewed dialogue with loved ones, of transmission between generations, writing is on the rise. In our fragmented universe, subject to the imperative of speed, at a time when text messages addressed to those we love disappear with our cell phones, the need to leave a trace is expressed more strongly than ever.

Listening to this thirst for testimony, Le Pèlerin and the Bayard press group have decided to support budding authors wishing to take up their pen. We learn to play a musical instrument, we take painting lessons, why wouldn’t we learn how to write a story? In this special issue designed for those who want to get started, great writers give their inspirational lessons, tests, exercises and practical advice help overcome the fear of the blank page. How to free your imagination, draw the first sentence of a text, portray a character and above all how to overcome the fear that your journey will interest no one?

At Bayard, we are convinced that there is no life without a story to tell, without an investigation to carry out to understand where we come from, or a message to transmit to those who will come. Taken end to end, our personal testimonies help to tell the story of all of us, to connect us to each other, to offer roots to the future: everyone experiences the satisfaction of contributing their little stone to our great common History.

So, are you ready to join us for the great adventure of writing? Has your feathers!

Catherine Lalanne, editor-in-chief at Le Pèlerin

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