Disabled swimmer Théo Curin will soon join the collections of the Grévin museum

Disabled swimmer Théo Curin will soon join the collections of the Grévin museum

To mark the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Grévin museum in Paris is honoring sport! A celebration that involves welcoming new key sports personalities.

But this new entry is unprecedented: a few months before the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, Théo Curin will pass through the doors of the museum, this Friday March 8, 2024. The great Paralympic swimmer will thus join the 250 wax statues, alongside athletes such as Clarisse Agbegnenou, Kylian Mbappé and Tony Parker.

The Paralympic Games, born 76 years ago, until then had no representative in the famous museum of wax figures.

Théo Curin, Paralympic Games with multiple extreme challenges

This pleasing announcement rewards the athlete but also the luminous personality of Théo Curin who Pilgrim had the honor of meeting, in March 2022. Suffering from severe meningitis at the age of six, young Théo, originally from Lunéville (Meurthe-et-Moselle), had to have all four of his limbs amputated.

With determination and joy of living, he quickly shows that a handicap is not an obstacle to his dreams. At 16, he participated in his first Paralympic Games in Rio, before becoming a double world runner-up in 2017 and winning the bronze medal at the World Championships in London two years later.

Théo Curin is also an extreme swimmer. In November 2021, he crossed Lake Titicaca, 108 km by swimming, in extreme conditions in total autonomy with Malia Metella, Olympic vice-champion, and eco-adventurer Matthieu Witvoet. In 2022, he is also the first disabled athlete to compete in the 57 km aquatic marathon between Santa Fe and Coronda, Argentina, one of the most difficult open water swimming races in the world.

He is currently preparing with globetrotting TV host Ismaël Khelifa the Madiba challenge which will take place in April 2024: 30 km swimming off the coast of Cape Town and 100 km cycling around the South African capital. At the end of this challenge, they will join the township of Langa, where the construction of a sports and cultural space for the children of this disadvantaged neighborhood will be carried out in parallel. In addition to sport, Théo Curin also works as a television host, actor and model.

A beautiful figure that the 900,000 annual visitors to the Grévin Museum will now be able to meet… in wax!

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