“Self-deprecation is a strength”

“Self-deprecation is a strength”

You animate Willy is coming to your place for lunch on France 3. Whet us appetite…

In this show, I go to discover the food professions. At a cheesemonger in Lille or in a roadside restaurant near Avignon, the principle is the same: discover our culinary traditions thanks to great personalities.

What does this new show reveal about you?

My true temperament! Viewers will discover me as curious, empathetic and laughing. I have often hidden behind the eccentric character that I have played for eleven years in Fort Boyard …it was time to reveal myself!

Your favorite movie?

It is Jo, by Jean Girault (1971). I like to see the sofa scene in which Louis de Funès and Bernard Blier play a wonderful fool's game.

The person who meant the most in your family?

My mother Anna is a hero! After my father's death (I was 10 years old at the time), she was a cashier, a cleaning lady and a worker… Even in difficult times, she knows how to maintain a wonderful sense of self-deprecation and humor.

A Proust madeleine?

The smell of pasta water cooking. At home, we don't joke with pasta !

A quality that you would be proud to pass on?

The sense of listening. When I invite my friends to dinner, I ask them to leave their cell phones in the hall. Being available for a meal changes everything!

You have three days, a backpack and no car. Where are you leaving ?

I'm going to walk the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Faced with the magnificent landscapes of the seaside, I will nourish myself with bufala mozzarellawhile drinking almond milk…

What cause are you mobilizing for?

A volunteer at Restos du coeur for three years, I serve meals there once a week and I feel useful there.

A solidarity initiative that touched you?

The Cœur en liberté association provides shelters for sick children and their families. These parentheses allow them to breathe between treatments.

For you, Jesus, it is…

Someone very present in my mother's house. Catholic, she lives surrounded by representations of Jesus. In Italy, I like visiting cathedrals and small churches. I don't have faith but, who knows, maybe it wouldn't take much…

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